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Rattlesnake Bite - What to do and what not to do

By April 16, 2009

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We were on a hike near Wickenburg, AZ this afternoon and, since our group had come upon a rattlesnake on the previous hike, we felt we might see one again. As we warily hiked the beautiful trail to Vulture Peak, we discussed what to do if someone was bitten by a rattlesnake. There was no consensus.

According to Rod Brouhard, of About First Aid, Snake bites can be deadly. It's important to react quickly to bites. If emergency medical services can be reached, request help through 911. If in a remote area, getting the victim to medical care is vital. North America is home to several different species of venomous snakes. The most common is the rattlesnake. Antivenom is available, but it must be used as early as possible. And, here's what to do.

Here's another article on rattlesnake bites.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose - Note: Don't try this at home kids... it's a fake snake!
April 19, 2009 at 6:15 am
(1) Dean Allan says:

I read the your article with interest from Australia and thought I would send you some information that may be of interest to your readers.

I do the bookkeeping for a gentleman in South Australia by the name of Geoff Coombe. Geoff has been presenting Snake Awareness and Working with Venomous Snakes courses throughout Australia and the world for many years now and his whole focus is on making people aware of why snakes react the way they do and what we can do to reduce the chance of being bitten by them .

As well as the various “in person” presentations, he also has an online Snake Awareness course he has recently set up to give people a better understanding of these creatures.

His website is at http://www.livingwithwildlife.com.au/, and he also has a couple of blogs at http://geoffcoombeslivingwithwildlife.blogspot.com/ and http://snakebiteinnepal.blogspot.com/, so if you think your readers may find Geoff and what he is trying to teach people of interest, perhaps they could have a look at these sites.

Geoff truly believes that we can live in harmony with these creatures if we understand what they do and why they do it and I hope your readers will find his websites of interest.

We hope that with the information that Geoff has to offer there will be less need for people to learn how to treat snake bite, because if you know the correct way to act if you ever come into contact with a snake, the chance of being bitten can be greatly reduced.

Kind regards

Dean Allan
MYbookkeeping Services
PO Box 1221, Gawler SA 5118 Australia

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