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Anita’s Cocina, Wickenburg, Arizona

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Anita's Cocina, Wickenburg, AZ

Mucho Gusto!

Elizabeth R. Mitchell

The Bottom Line

I always head for Anita's when I am in Wickenburg. But then I always am working up a hearty appetite with an outdoor activity like walking or hiking. Wickenburg is a great little town and Anita's is ideal for a meal that hits the spot.


  • Wickenburg Gathering Place.
  • Western Ambiance.
  • Traditional Mexican food.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Some of us avoid smoking sections, or smoke overflow
  • Can be noisy with families, large groups, casual atmosphere
  • Some recent visitors have found the restaurant less than clean


  • Anita’s Cocina is located in Wickenburg, Arizona.
    57 N. Valentine St.
    Wickenburg, Arizona 85390
  • Phone: 928-684-5777
  • Reservations: Call if you have a group to seat.
  • Prices: Reasonable- Main Courses for dinner range from $5.95 to $12.95.
  • Liz's Tip: Anita's opens at 11am. If you arrive at noon, or right at dinner time, expect a wait.

Guide Review - Anita’s Cocina, Wickenburg, Arizona

Anita’s is considered a family style restaurant, although they have a smoking section off to the side, and serve alcohol. The food is surprisingly good after a long day hiking Vulture Peak or shopping the quaint shops of Wickenburg. Dress is casual and the price is reasonable.

Three of us gathered at Anita's for lunch after a 10K hike and we were very hungry. The warm chips and salsa (medium and hot) were there immediately, thank goodness. As we perused the menu we noticed the standard Mexican fare with a few unusual dishes such as Mexican Pizza to provide added interest.

We ordered and relaxed while we looked at the Western decor (signs, cowboy photos, history) and chatted. Next to us was seated a grey-haired foursome in Harley Davidson regalia, and beyond them was a family with a squirmy toddler.

Two of us ordered the Carne Asada Burritos which were delicious. Little slices of well done steak were mixed in with beans, lettuce, tomatos and cheese. We were given some fresh Pico de Gallo and more salsa to enjoy with the burritos. As with most Mexican restaurants, each meal was enough for two.

The third woman in our threesome ordered a quesadilla, assuming she would be brought a typical pan fried cheese-filled flour tortilla. However Anita's covers their quesadillas with sauce, lettuce and tomatoes. It was enjoyable, yet different.

We highly recommend Anita's on your visit to Wickenburg mainly because it is such a local gathering place.

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