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I-17 Arizona Mystery Christmas Tree

Who Put the Joy in the Middle of Interstate 17?


Interstate 17 Christmas Tree

Interstate 17 Christmas Tree

Copyright: Elizabeth R. Mitchell
Updated December 19, 2006
Each year, an large juniper in the median of I-17 just north of Sunset Point in Arizona is decorated for Christmas. This year the tree is decorated with very shiny silver which sparkles in the sun. There are American flags and Elmo ornaments.

As legend has it, the tradition was started some years ago by a woman who just wanted to do something nice for everyone to help them enjoy their Christmas travels. No one has seen who decorates the tree. No one is telling if they know the lady who created this beautiful gesture. It's a rather large tree so decorating can't be easy. We hear that she wishes to remain anonymous. But, wherever you are and whomever you are... Thank you for the joy in the median on I-17!

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