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Antelope Slot Canyon - Mystery, Light and Unparalleled Beauty Awaits You

Taking an Antelope Slot Canyon Tour


Chief Ray Tsosie, Antelope Canyon Guide

"Chief " Ray Tsosie, Antelope Canyon Guide, Briefs Us Before Entering

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Updated June 27, 2014
Antelope Slot Canyon Basics

Location - Antelope Canyon is located near Page on Navajo Nation land, close to AZ 98 a few miles east of town (at milepost 299. Map
Address:Antelope Canyon Park Office, P.O. Box 4803,Page, AZ, 86040
Phone:(928) 698-2808 voice (928) 698-3360 fax
E-mail: ac@navajonationparks.org

Getting to Antelope Canyon

Entry to the canyon is by guide only. Guided, 4-wheel tours are available from Page. You may also drive to the Antelope Canyon parking lot and take the 3.5 mile ride to the canyon entrance in a tribal vehicle. We took one of "Chief" Ray Tsosie's tours from Page.

About the Canyon

There are actually two canyons, upper and lower Antelope Canyons. Most visitors take a tour to upper Antelope Canyon. From your jeep or van, it is just a short sandy walk into the flat canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon is more challenging. There are ladders to get into the canyon. Some of the access is via sheer drops. This is the place where in August of 1997, water 50 feet deep from a thunderstorm 5 miles away swept through the canyon. 11 people drowned.

Assuming you will be visiting upper Antelope Canyon, here are some important things to know.
  • The canyon is a special place and considered spiritual by the Navajo. Please treat it with quiet reverence.
  • If you want a better chance to be somewhat alone in the canyon, go either very early or very late. Or, perhaps, during the off season.
  • For the best photographs, remember that the well-known light beams can be seen through the months of April to September. Chief Tsosie's tours, for one, have photo tours that take place mid-day. They are longer than the 1 and 1/2 hour regular tour visit.
  • No matter when you go, take time to look at the narrow canyon walls and look up toward the light. A visit to Antelope Canyon is a beautiful experience.

The red you see in the canyon is Navajo sandstone. The canyon was made by the erosion of this sandstone, primarily by flash flooding. When the canyon was discovered, herds of prong-horned antelope roamed the area.


Entry costs $6.00 per person. Children are free. This is not included in the tour fee. Tour fees vary. Chief Tsosie Tours are $20 per person plus tax for the standard 1.5 hour sightseeing tour 92007 pricing). You'll meet in Page and ride out to the Entrance Station and then stay with your guide up to the canyon entrance and throughout the tour.


Entrance Station Hours (Mountain Standard Time year round) Summer (March-Oct) 8:00am - 5:00pm. The Entrance Station is closed for the winter season (Nov - Feb) but Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon are both open.

Other Canyon Experiences
  • Lower Antelope Canyon -As I mentioned, this is a challenging entry but would be fun for those who are fit and adventurous.
  • Cathedral Canyon - On the Chief Tsosie list of tours. It would be a route less traveled experience.
  • Water Holes Canyon - Accessible through Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures. Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures is the exclusive permit holder to tour Secret, Passage, Staircase and the Water Holes Canyon.
Words of Warning

Fortunately slot canyons are not accessible without a guide. During times of rain, like the Monsoon Season, the slot canyons can be treacherous. When you visit, look at the back entry to the canyon and the front entry. Between those wide expansive washes, lies a very narrow canyon. Water does not soak into the earth. Instead it gathers and breaks through the canyon as would a dam breaking. When you are inside the canyon look up. You will see tree trunks and debris as high as the canyon. That is the water line when the flash floods gush through. You wouldn't want to be there!

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