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Why You Should Not Boycott Arizona

Arizona Workers and Families Depend on Tourism Dollars


Native American Artisan

Native American Artisans Depend on Tourism Dollars

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The History, Natural Beauty and Culture of Arizona is Worth Visiting

Arizona is an amazing place to visit. There is no other state like Arizona. From the Grand Canyon to the historic dude ranches of Wickenburg and Tucson, there is so much to see and experience. This year has provided a bumper crop of wildflowers. The desert is lush and green.

There is so much excitement for you and your family to experience. You can enjoy rafting the Colorado River or exploring Kartchner Caverns. Love shopping? Arizona has some fantastic Native American Art shows. And then, of course, there is Scottsdale!

But Arizona is not just about attractions. When you visit Arizona you will take back memories of the people... those of Mexican heritage, those of Native-American heritage and those who are descended from Anglo settlers and ranchers. Arizona is about the people.

Your Cancellation will Hurt Only You and Your Family

If you believe that by avoiding Arizona for your vacation or business trip you will make an impact, think again. It will take more than your individual advocacy to make a true impact. Arizona has passed State Law 1071 which affects Arizonans. Arizonans, then, are the ones who can make an impact with their lawmakers. It is a state issue even though racism is a national issue. Arizona is being touted as an example of how NOT to handle illegal immigration issues. But, when it comes right down to it, it’s a state issue that desperately needs to be addressed. Are there any other states handling the issue effectively?

Arizonans Depend on Your Tourism Dollar

It isn’t the Arizona lawmakers who will be hurt when you decide to avoid Arizona. It’s the Spanish speaking staff at the Arizona resort and the Native American jewelry makers who set up their wares in Scottsdale who will hurt. The folks who you may care about the most may be hurt.

When traveling on a local Indian Reservation this past week, I heard about financial worries from my Navajo friends. Talented artisans were returning to low-paying jobs to make ends meet. We missed their beautiful silverwork. They couldn’t reduce their prices as silver prices were skyrocketing. They needed tourism dollars to support their beautiful art.

Arizona is hurting. You’ll notice many rest stops along the highways closed. You’ll notice some beautiful and historic state parks closed. If tourist dollars dry up, visitors to Arizona and Arizona workers will only be penalized further.

Arizona Took a Desperate Measure

I agree, Arizona is not addressing the issues as best they could. Governor Brewer has signed a law ( SB 1070) making it a state offense to be in Arizona illegally. It really is how the law is implemented that will count.

Something had to be done. “Coyotes” are harming and allowing illegal immigrants to die. They take their money and promise them jobs. Then the coyotes crowd the Mexican citizens into vans and pick-up trucks or send them trekking across the desert with no water. These coyotes are the people that need to be arrested. Not the desperate workers.

So then, why do people want to work in Arizona? They are desperate to feed their families. And, they have no easy way to come and work legally. Arizona needs a “Guest Worker Program.” Arizona businesses need and appreciate these workers and the workers need the jobs. So why not make things comfortable for those needing jobs to legally come and work?

Until the issue of illegal immigration from Mexico is handled correctly, with a guest worker program, for example, Arizona will still have a problem. But boycotting Arizona financially will not impact the state’s attempts to curtail illegal immigration, the crimes of coyotes and the drug trafficking. Boycotting Arizona will only affect Arizona jobs, and lead to lack of support for Arizona historic sites, parks and services. It will hurt workers and families.

Arizona needs and appreciates tourism and business dollars. You’ll not regret a visit to Arizona.

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