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Southern Arizona Wine Country - Touring and Tasting in the Sonoita Elgin Area

Wine Country Recommendations


Rancho Rossa Vineyards

Tasting Room - Rancho Rossa Vineyards

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  • Plan your visits in advance and map out the wineries you want to visit. They all have websites that list their offerings, awards and history. Print out this great winery map.
  • Be sure and include Callaghan Vineyards on your list.
  • While the Village of Elgin is a draw, it is rather touristy. I would taste at the outlying vineyards and head to little Elgin for postcards and souvenirs.
  • Take time to savor the wines and be patient with those who are pouring. With van tours going from winery to winery, the tasting rooms can get temporarily crowded.
  • Arizona Vineyards is closer to Nogales. It’s a fun and funky building located on Patagonia Highway. We didn’t check it out but my knowledgeable friend said it’s a great place to buy wine gifts. The wines have fun labels and are all reasonably priced. 1830 E. Patagonia Hwy, Rt. 82 Nogales, AZ 85621, Telephone: (520) 287-7972

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