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Visiting the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona


Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona

Classic Trucks at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town

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Gold King Mine and Ghost Town :

The crazy Gold King Mine and Ghost Town just outside Jerome, Arizona is worth a visit. Filled with a mish-mash of abandoned classic cars, mine equipment, collectibles, farm animals and a working antique saw mill, this unique place is fun to explore.

Gettng to the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town:

The road to the ghost town is next to the Jerome Fire Department. It's a short drive. It's just off the dirt road to Perkinsville. Follow the signs you see starting at the road next to the Fire Station. Map

What is It?:

The Gold King Mine and Ghost Town is a private attraction, owned by the bewhiskered Don Robertson, and is hard to describe. Yes, there is an abandoned mine. Yes, there are abandoned buildings but strewn throughout the property is fascinating "junk." Classic trucks, tools, machines and so much more will keep you fascinated as you tour the property. Make sure you see the antique saw mill which should be up and running during your visit.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 125, Jerome, AZ 86331
Phone: 928.634.0053


9 - 5 daily except Christmas

Entrance Fees:

We paid $5.50 per person.


As much fun as we had looking through the abandoned machinery and classic trucks, the animals were great fun as well. The donkey rang a bell hoping you would feed him, the chickens scratched for food all around the machinery and there were goats to pet.


The ghost town was originally Haynes, Arizona and sits about one mile north of Jerome. In 1890, Haynes was a bustling suburb of Jerome. The Haynes Copper Company dug a 1200-foot shaft in search of copper, but hit gold instead.

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