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Profile: Lake Havasu City, Arizona and the London Bridge


Lake Havasu, Arizona

Kayak, Water Ski, or Houseboat on the Lake

Courtesy: Lake Havasu Visitor's Bureau


Lake Havasu City, Arizona is 175 miles north of Yuma, Arizona via US Route 95. Map

What's To Do?:

Most people think of Lake Havasu City as the home of the transplanted London Bridge. But there are many other things to do. The lake is a multi-use lake enjoyed by birders, water skiers, house boaters, and fishermen.


Lake Havasu City has restaurants, shops, hotels and more.

But What About the Famous Bridge?:

The London Bridge was originally built in the 1840's to cross the Thames River in London. In the 1960's a developer transported the bridge to it's current location. A resort and restaurants take advantage of the view of the bridge. Hint: Don't expect the scenic Tower Bridge. That bridge is still in London. This one is a bit less spectacular.


There are RV parks and state parks with camp grounds available. More


Lake Havasu attracts all sorts of boaters, from jet skiers and power boaters to house boaters. You can find areas for quiet Kayaking or a place to raft up and picnic with your friends.


There are a full range of hotels at Lake Havasu. Some are on the lake.


You will find the usual fast food restaurants as well as coffee houses, fine dining, a brewery and martini bar.

Spring Break:

Watch Out! Lake Havasu is one of those Spring Break destinations. Our About Phoenix writer, Judy, has some great tips for those headed for Lake Havasu for Spring Break.

About Lake Havasu City and the London Bridge:

Lake Havasu is a result of the damming of the Colorado River by Parker Dam. There are a number of attractions in the area. Visitors will enjoy the London Bridge, Lake Havasu State Park, the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge as well as the plentiful beaches, boat tours and places to rent watercraft.

Spring, fall and winter are great times to go. As with most of Arizona, it's hot in the summer.
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