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Quartzsite Yacht Club - World Famous Hot Spot in Quartzsite, Arizona


The Quartzsite Yacht Club

Dock Your Yacht at the Quartzsite Yacht Club

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Quartzsite Yacht Club Basics:

The Quartzsite Yacht Club is a bar and grill located on the main drag of Quartzsite. It is well-known among RV'ers and touring motorcycle groups for it's desert-maritime atmosphere and opportunity to actually join the Yacht Club. As they say, "Welcome Aboard... Long Time No Sea!

Address: 1090 Main Street, Quartzsite, AZ 85346
Phone: 928.927.6331


The Quartzsite Yacht Club Bar and Grill is open 10 a.m. to between 12 midnight and 2 a.m. The kitchen is serving from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Since Quartzsite is a very seasonal town, it's best to call ahead and check hours if you are there in non-peak times (not in the winter).


The Quartzsite Yacht Club offers Off-Track Betting, billiards and live entertainment on scheduled evenings.


The Quartzsite Yacht Club has inside dining (bar atmosphere) and a wonderful sheltered outdoor wrap around pation. You can order pub food such as fish and chips and hamburgers. Full bar is available.


The Quartzsite Yacht Club has been around a long time, burned down once and is now a well-known attraction. In the '70's Al Madden bought the bar, formerly known as The Jigsaw. He had a sense of humor and decided to dub the bar, The Quartzsite Yacht Club. It's the only yacht club in the world located in the middle of a desert with no body of water in sight.

Join the Yacht Club:

Here's the main attraction. You can join the Quartzsite Yacht Club for $25 ($10 in my parent's day) and become one of the over 6,800 members world-wide. You'll receive a t-shirt, burgee (club pennant), and membership card. Least you think these are not worth anything, ask the members who have used their membership cards to gain access to reciprocating yacht clubs world-wide! It's worth a try. The Quartzsite Yacht Club boasts a larger membership than any other yacht club in the world!

Motel and Docking:

Next to the Yacht Club is the Quartzsite Yacht Club Motel (unreviewed). There are full hook up RV "slips" out at the dock. Call 928.927.5628 to find out more.

Quartzsite Yacht Club Review:

We sailed into Quartzsite one day looking for a bargain. We went from vendor to vendor at the Main Event, checked out a few gems over at Lonestar Trading and decided that before we ventured south of the freeway for the Tyson Wells Swap Meet, we really should have a bite to eat.

Since my parents, members of the Presidio Yacht Club in San Francisco, had regaled us with yarns about their RV'ing days, we heard about how they came to join The Quartzsite Yacht Club. And, as we walked down Main Street we spied the club and warily entered. Inside, it took a while for our eyes to adjust to the dark and smoky atmosphere. The folks there were friendly enough. Our eyes were drawn to the display on the wall showing how you joined the club and what membership included. Looked like fun!

The bar maid suggested we have a look at their patio. And we did. It was a bright and sunny place with plenty of seating. We took our seats at a high teak table and perused the menu. The cheeseburgers looked good and so did the fish and chips.

We settled for the cheeseburgers which came with large fries and cole slaw. We quaffed diet coke and draft beer and planned our shopping adventures for the afternoon. We watched an older woman help many customers with T-shirts and nautical caps. Everyone wanted a souvenir of their meal at the world-famous Quartzsite Yacht Club.

I have to say that the food was delicious and the drinks refreshing. We left the friendly folks at the Yacht Club and set sail for Tyson Wells across the highway where we shopped for treasures from places like Indonesia and Africa.

I'll be back to Quartzsite next season and vow to join the Yacht Club, if they'll have me!

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