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Rock Art Ranch Near Winslow Arizona - What You Need to Know


Rock Art Ranch Canyon

Visitors to Rock Art Canyon Stand in Awe of the Ancient Petroglyphs

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Rock Art Canyon Ranch Basics:

Private Ranch with museum collection and access to a canyon filled with petroglyphs.

Owner: Brantley Baird
Address: Box 224, Joseph City, AZ 86032
Phone: (928) 288-3260
Cell: (928) 386-5047 Price: Inquire when you call

How to Arrange Entry and a Tour:

Tours are available year-round except Sundays. Hours are not specified. Reservations are required. The ranch is 13 miles from Winslow and you can get directions when you call.

What You Will See:

The Ranch was originally part of the Hashknife Gang Spread and you can see the last remaining bunkhouse.

The ranch has a pioneer, cowboy and Anasazi museum. You can see hundreds of artifacts which were found on the property.

What most come to see is Rock Art Canyon, a beautiful wooded canyon with a stream running through it. On the walls are impressive Anasazi petroglyphs. The owner has built stairs down into the canyon and, on the rim, an observation station where you can rest or have a picnic meal.

Don't forget to make arrangements ahead of time!

Liz's Recommendation:

Rock Art Ranch is a hidden treasure. It is a must-see for those who are interested in ancient petroglyphs. I have never seen so many in one place. And, the canyon itself is beautiful. Check out the work of beavers while you are there.

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