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Southwest Arts, Crafts and Local Shopping

Southwest Arts, Crafts and Local Shopping. Shopping, enjoying local art galleries and craft shows can be a reason in itself to visit our Southwestern states. Whether you want to tour the galleries of Santa Fe, buy a garden bell from the famous Solari ironworks in Arizona or find out when the best arts and crafts shows are scheduled, we will have the information to guide you.
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Art Walks of the Southwest
Many communities in the Southwest set aside a special day or evening to showcase their art destinations. They set these times aside for an art walk. Come visit the communties of the southwest, large and small, during the hospitality of an art walk.

Cross Stitch Patterns with a Southwest Flair
I have a friend who constantly does cross stitch... book marks, pictures to hang on her wall and even a purse or two. We have found some marvelous cross stitch patterns with Southwest motifs. And, they are free!

Places to See Dale Chihuly Glass Sculptures in the Southwest
Dale Chihuly's dramatic glass sculptures can be seen throughout the Southwest. From the ceiling of the Bellagio in Las Vegas to the new exhibit in the Phoenix Botanical Garden, the colorful joys of Chihuly's environmental art will astound you.

All About Navajo Weaving – Why Navajo Rugs are So Valuable Today
Navajo weaving is a true American folk art. Born on the looms of the Pueblo Indians before the arrival of the Spanish, it was nurtured and perfected by the Navajo weaver.

American Turquoise - Beautiful Jewelry for Today and an Investment for Tomorrow
Find out about turquoise, how to buy turquoise and where to learn more about these beautiful stones.

Art of the Slot Canyons - Southwest Slot Canyon Art Prints, Photos and Posters
When I visited Antelope Canyon, I realized that the unique beauty of slot canyons, with the light playing off the sandstone walls, would make a great image for my home. We have found slot canyon prints, posters and photographs that you can decorate with. Purchase them framed or unframed.

Best Southwest Museum Shops for Online Gift Ideas
Unique gifts and special Southwest items are available at some of the Southwest's best museum shops.

Buying Authentic Hand Made Native American Art and Jewelry
This is an article for Native American art collectors and first time buyers alike. With the ability of people from other countries like the Philippines and China to copy our American Indian designs using cheap materials and selling them at low prices, it is even more important that we become educated in the beauty and value of real Native American art.

Christmas Cards
Shopping for Christmas Cards or Holiday Cards? Whether you want grand landscapes or cactus motif cards, we can lead you to the best places to buy southwest Christmas cards.

Christmas Luminarias, Farolitos, Bonfires and Other Light Celebrations
Lighting the way for people during the Christmas Posadas, lanterns and bonfires, gave way to the current day tradition of Luminarias and Farolitos. Celebrate the light of Christmas with your own southwest tradition.

Gift Ideas for Those Who Love the Allure of the Southwest
As we travel the Southwest, we find very unique gift ideas. This is our list of gifts for those who are inspired by the beauty of the Southwest. All gifts can be ordered online.

Home Decor with Cactus Prints, Photographs and Art - Framed Cactus Prints
Fill your home with the beauty of the desert cactus. Add to a Southwest theme or just show your love for these spiney beauties. Prints, photos and art can be framed or unframed at very reasonable prices.

How to Buy Authentic Native American Products
How to choose authentic Native American gifts and souvenirs. Shopping is often a cornerstone of many vacations, and travelers often shop for items that reflect the distinctiveness of the destination they are visiting.

Introduction to Southwestern Indian Jewelry
Indian Jewelry is a term that brings to mind the silver and turquoise jewelry of the Navajo and Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest. Craftspeople from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santo Domingo tribes have gained a world-wide reputation for their unique jewelry.

Native American Artists of the Southwest - Gallery I
Indian Artists of the Southwest. As we travel the festivals, visit the reservations and shop the trading posts, we often encounter special people who share their traditional and contemporary Native American Art with us. This photo gallery is a way to showcase these wonderful Southwest artisans.

Panoramic Art Prints
Beautiful large panoramic prints of the American Southwest. City scenes and outdoor scenery. Framed or unframed.

Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest: What You Need to Know
The Pueblo Indians have been making pottery for about 2000 years. While early pottery was made primarily for their own use, contemporary Indian pottery is mostly decorative.

Sedona, Arizona Prints, Posters and More
Find Sedona prints and posters - reasonably priced photos, prints and art depicting the beauty of Sedona, Arizona.

Southwest Inspired Calendars - Southwest Photography, Art and More
Southwest Inspired Calendars - From Georgia O'Keeffe's beautiful florals to Southwest photographic art, enjoy these stunning calendars at very reasonable prices.

Top Southwest Inspired Posters and Prints to Add to Your Southwest Decor
Deserts, mountains, pueblos, and Native American designs are features on our Southwest posters and prints.

Wall Tapestry
Wall tapestries with a Southwest flair. Find large affordable wall hangings for your home.

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