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Native American Artists of the Southwest - Gallery I


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Emil Chino - Acoma Pueblo, NM - Acoma Pottery
Emil Chino, Acoma Potter

Emil Chino, Acoma potter at the edge of the mesa where I purchased this pot.

Copyright: Elizabeth R. Mitchell
I met Emil Chino at the beautiful Acoma Sky City historic site. He was selling pottery at the edge of the mesa. They call this "Section 3." I found his pottery to be detailed and creative. He does pottery in the traditional method and also does some ceramic pieces.

I purchased a pot from him and he sent a hand-written explanation of the pot, the methods used to make the pot and how to care for the item once it arrived at my home. The shipping is done safely and meticulously.

Contact Information

Emil Chino
PO Box 224
Pueblo of Acoma, NM 87034
Phone: 505.552.7413

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