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Best Restaurants - Las Vegas, Nevada

We provide you with restaurant reviews, recommendations and descriptions to include pricing of budget, moderate and expensive. Bon Appetit!

Garduno's Mexican Restaurant at the Palms
From the About Las Vegas Guide, The real draw at Gardunos should be the chili. The real stuff, no beans. Careful, the stomach is a very tricky organ to mess with, the chili can be spicy and you know what that means. My wife was fond of the fried pork Carnitas and my Father-in-law thought very highly of the posole (apparently, a soup with pork and hominy, he did not let me try it).

Border Grill at Mandalay Bay
Our About Las Vegas guide notes, this is fancy mexican food from the innovative minds of the "Too Hot Tamales". These two women can put together gourmet Mexican food that will floor you. They also have a fantastic Mojito, that includes just enough rum to get you to your second drink but slightly too much to have any more after that.

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