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United States Olympic Training Center
Visitors pose at the Olympic Training Center - Colorado

Visitors pose at the Olympic Training Center.

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The U.S. Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs is the headquarters for the U.S. Olympic Committee administration and the Olympic Training Center programs. As of August 1998, there are 12 USOC member organizations that have their national headquarters on the complex, and 12 other member organizations and two international sports federations located nearby in Colorado Springs.

Free public tours are conducted daily on a year-round basis by the USOC Tour Program staff and the U.S. Olympic Spirit Store offers Olympic sports merchandise and gift items unavailable elsewhere. The tour includes a walk a long the Irwin Belk Olympic Path and visits to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame rotunda and roof-top terrace with an Olympic flame display, which offers panoramic views of the entire complex and beautiful Colorado Springs. (Courtesy: USOC)

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