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Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show and Auction - 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Supersnake


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Carroll Shelby's 1996 Shelby Cobra - Sold at Auction at Barrett-Jackson
Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra

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It's great to read the descriptions of the classic cars up for sale at Barrett-Jackson. I learned about this well-loved fast car owned by Carroll Shelby. You can get a flavor for how important this car was to Shelby from the Barrett-Jackson Narrative by Harley E. Cluxton:

Why is CSX 3015 so historically significant?

The short and long answer is Carroll Shelby.

  • He built at a time when Americans were just Americans- and proud to be Americans.
  • He told me he built it just to see how fast it was- and he told me it was a Monster that threw belts off on a regular basis!
  • Steve Earl told me he remembers Carroll driving CSX 3015 in the 'Turismo Visitadores' fun-run across Nevada, waking whole towns, blowing out windows, throwing belts and catching fire a couple of times, but finishing.
It makes me wonder how he can part with this beauty!

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