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Flagstaff, Arizona Travel Guide

Flagstaff is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is a university town with a fun and funky atmosphere. It is also a haven for skiers, hikers and outdoors lovers.
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Memorial Day Adventure - High Country of Arizona
If you live in the lowlands of the Sonoran desert, it heats up by May. So Memorial Day weekend is time to get away to the high country of Flagstaff, Arizona to cool off

Day Trip from Flagstaff to Sunset Crater and Wupatki Pueblo
There’s plenty to explore in the beautiful land around Flagstaff, Arizona. A great loop trip will take you first to Sunset Crater, through the lava lands and then to the Wupatki Pueblo, once inhabited by ancestral puebloan peoples. Both areas will provide you with unparalleled vistas, opportunities for interesting photography and a perspective on the history of the area.

Flagstaff, Arizona Attractions - National Monuments
Flagstaff, Arizona, is the only U.S. city that has three national monuments within minutes of downtown. Each of these monuments offers a unique view of this historical landscape. You can visit ancient cliff dwellings, see 900+ year-old lava flows and walk past pueblo ruins, all within an hour’s drive.

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona
Lowell Observatory, founded by Percival Lowell in 1894, is a living piece of Arizona history. ItÂ’s located on top of Mars Hill about one mile from downtown Flagstaff, Arizona

Lake Mary Flagstaff Arizona - Boating, Picnics in the Coconino National Forest
Lake Mary, in the Coconino National Forest, is only 12 miles SE of Flagstaff. Flagstaff's Lake Mary is popular with power boaters and water skiers because there is no motor size limit on it. It is also well-known for fishing.

Flagstaff, Arizona Walking Tour - Northern Arizona University, Historic District
Come with us as we tour Flagstaff, Arizona on foot. See the Northern Arizona University campus, stop by a coffee shop or shop 'til you drop at the outdoors stores and boutiques of Flagstaff.

Riordan Mansion, Flagstaff Arizona Photo Gallery
Riordan Mansion, Flagstaff Arizona Photo Gallery

Riordan Mansion, a Flagstaff, Arizona Must-See
In order to get a sense of Flagstaff’s history and gain a respect for the men and women who braved the untamed West to seek their fortunes, a visit to Riordan Mansion is a great place to start. The mansion is one of the finest examples of Ars and Crafts architecturein the West and holds many surprises for the visitor.

Flagstaff's Historic Hotel Monte Vista - Photo Gallery
Flagstaff's Historic Hotel Monte Vista - Photo Gallery

Flagstaff, Arizona - Guide and Photos for Visitors to Flagstaff
Flagstaff's charm lies in the liberal, outdoorsy feel of the place. With quaint shops, artist's studios, cozy restaurants and history galore, Flagstaff is worth a few days' stay as you head towards the Grand Canyon. If you are a Route 66 buff, you can re-trace the route, finding old signage, vintage hotels and motels and a haunted museum.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Destination Guide for Visitors to Flagstaff
Flagstaff, Arizona - Destination Guide for Visitors to Flagstaff

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