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Gallup, New Mexico Travel Guide

Gallup, New Mexico is known as a Native American hub with Hopi, Zuni and Navaho lands surrounding, or closeby, the town. Also of interest are trading posts that operate today as they have for hundreds of years, Route 66 history and major events such as the Red Rock Balloon Rally.

Guide to Gallup, New Mexico for Visitors
Gallup, New Mexico will surprise any visitor. Rich in the cultural heritage of the Native American and the Wild West, Gallup has events, museums, galleries and shopping that is sure to please the visitor who wants a true American experience.

Top Attractions in Gallup New Mexico
Gallup has a wonderful mix of Western cultures. Gallup remains true to the culture and tradition of the West. Visit an Indian Reservation or shop in an authentic trading post. Gallup has the culture and the scenery of the real West.

El Rancho Hotel - Gallup, New Mexico - The Historic El Rancho
The El Rancho Hotel was built 1937 and is located on old Route 66. From the 1930's to 1950's, the hotel became a temporary home for many Hollywood stars. The El Rancho Hotel has been designated a National Historic Site and retains the charm of Old West Gallup. Autographed photos of the movie stars who have visited and Navajo Rugs surround the two story rustic lobby.

Gallup New Mexico Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial and Events
Every August Gallup plays host to Native Americans from across the United States in a massive Inter-tribal ceremonial. The Indoor and Outdoor Marketplace and the Ceremonial Showroom present the country's most complete and varied displays of genuine Indian fine arts, including Navajo rugs, kachinas, jewelry, pottery and basketry. There are socials, rodeos and parades.

Land of Navaho Rugs and Weavings – Toadlena and Two Grey Hills
For the lover of Navaho rugs and weavings, a day trip from Gallup through the Navajo Reservation to Toadlena Trading Post and Two Grey Hills Trading Post is a must-do. Not only will you find yourself at the center of the Two Grey Hills weaving community, you will have the opportunity to learn about the beautiful rugs and see examples that exist nowhere else. And, if you are lucky, you meet one of the talented Navajo weavers.

Red Rock Balloon Rally - Gallup, New Mexico - Red Rock Photo Gallery
Gallup's annual balloon festival, the Red Rock Balloon Rally is not to be missed. Our photo gallery gives you a birds eye view of this unique and beautiful event.

Red Rock Balloon Rally - Gallup, New Mexico Balloon Festival
The Rally is held the first full weekend in December in Gallup, New Mexico. It attracts over 200 hot air balloons from all around the world.

The El Rancho Experience – Gallup, New Mexico
The El Rancho IS Gallup. I won’t stay anywhere else when I come here.

Trading Posts of the Gallup, New Mexico Area - A Photo Tour
Trading posts found in areas close to Native American reservations may be the real thing or, unfortunately, they may be just another souvenir shop. To enter a genuine trading post that trades with local Native populations is an experience in commerce that has it's roots in Indian trade before the 1900's. And, for some trading posts, the families have been trading with locals for generations. Photo Tour of Gallup area trading posts.

Trading Posts of the Southwest - Gallup, New Mexico Area Trading Posts
Trading posts of the southwest. History, culture, understanding the pawn system and how to shop at local trading posts. Features list of Gallup trading posts.

Photos of the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico
The Zuni Pueblo is not far from Gallup, New Mexico. The scenic drive out to Zuni takes you through a valley surrounded by beautiful mesas. Come with us to Zuni as we visit the historic church, a Zuni potter, Zuni silversmiths and a traditional bakery.

Visiting Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
Visiting Zuni Pueblo - What You Need to Know. The best part of visiting Zuni was that it was seemingly untouched by time. Important religious ceremonies go on from year to year, and families pass down language and tradition.

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