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Grand Canyon Mule Trip Photo Gallery

Let's Get Ready for a Grand Canyon Mule Trip


While most visitors gather to gawk at the canyon from the rim look-outs and head for the gift shops, the more adventurous may find that a mule trip into the canyon will make their visit to the Grand Canyon truly memorable.

One chilly December morning when the wind was howling at the Grand Canyon, we got up early to attend the wrangler's briefing and watch the mule riders prepare for their descent into the canyon. Our photos and story will help you decide whether a Grand Canyon mule trip is for you.

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Anticipating the RideThe Mule Riders Gather in the Chilly December DawnThe glorious pink of a Grand Canyon dawn greets us.As Dawn Breaks over the Grand Canyon, More Mule Riders ArriveWill the sun warm them up?Grand Canyon Mule Riders at SunriseOne by one, the mules are led into the stone corral.At Last the Mules Arrive
The mule trip is now reality!Another String of Mules ArrivesMules await orientation and their riders.Grand Canyon Mules are Hitched to the RailThe mules have their own agendas.From the Mouths of Mules - Sizing up the riders.Those lunches look mighty small for such a long trip!Box Lunches for the Long Trip
Lunches, saddle bags, jammies and toothbrushes?Who's Going to Pack all this Gear?The wranglers lay down the law.The Riders are BriefedThe mules threaten to unionize.From the Mouths of the MulesWrangler Shawn puts the fear of God into the riders.More Rules to Scare You
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