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Grand Canyon West Skywalk Grand Opening - Skywalk Ceremony with Buzz Aldrin


The VIP Grand Opening of the long-awaited Grand Canyon West Skywalk was an occasion to be celebrated. Buzz Aldrin, noted astronaut who walked on the moon, was there, Native American astronaut, John Herrington was there and tribal dignitaries from the Hualapai tribe were there. Along the canyon's edge were media representatives from BBC, Japan, and more.

As the cermony began, what caught my eye was the smile on Buzz Aldrin's face as he was invited to dance along with Hualapai women in a cermonial dance. He and his wife truly enjoyed this part of the ceremony. As Buzz walked the "first walk" the crowd cheered. It was a wonderful day and I learned that the reason for the attractions on Hualapai land was a noble one. The families and children, who have lived in poverty, will be the beneficiaries of the tourism dollars that will flow into this isolated and beautiful land.
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View of the Skywalk Over the Grand CanyonGrand Canyon West SkywalkPlanes, Helicopters, Buses, Jeeps and Cars Made Their Way to the OpeningMedia from Around the World Lined Up for Credentials.
Ice Sculptures Appeared in this Isolated SpotHualapai Dancers Provided Beautiful Material for News PhotographersSatellite Vans Made it to Grand Canyon West to Cover the EventReporters from Around the World Interviewed Dancers and Hualapai Tribe Members
BBC, Japanese TV and More, Gathered at the Canyon's EdgeTribe Members Ask Ancestors for Permission to Use the Land for SkywalkViewing the Beauty of Grand Canyon WestBuzz Aldrin, Astronaut, Leads the Skywalk Opening Ceremonies
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