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Top Reasons to Choose Arizona's Grand Canyon for Your Holiday Vacation


Grand Canyon Christmas Dinner

El Tovar Christmas Dinner

Elizabeth R. Mitchell


Rooms are usually available at all lodges except El Tovar, the Canyon’s famous historic lodge. For the best selection make your reservations early.


The hotels are decorated for the season with garlands and lights. Children will marvel at the "stuffed" animals with Santa hats in the hunting lodge atmosphere of El Tovar. You will find holiday magic in front of the two story high stone fireplace at Hermit's Rest.

Shop and Dine:

All shops, hotels and restaurants are open regular hours. What a perfect place to pick up that last minute gift! There is a wonderful selection of Native American jewelry, western clothing, souvenir t-shirts and DVDs of the Canyon to show to your friends back home.

‘Tis the Season:

There is a festive atmosphere. Guests are unhurried and relaxed. You will have time to sit at the Canyon's edge and enjoy the changing shadows and colors as the sun rises and sets.

Special Meals:

El Tovar serves a special dinner for Christmas eve and Christmas day. Reservations are usually available the same day although for best seating reserve early.

No Tram Needed:

You can drive yourself to sights such as Hermit’s Rest. No need to wait for a tram as you do in the summer.

No Crowds:

There are no crowds at vista points and on hiking trails. You will have time to reflect on the beauty of the Canyon and take as long as you wish to compose photographs.

Planning, Reserving and Packing for Your Grand Canyon Holiday:

Winter at the Canyon is a magical time but it is also a time of unexpected weather changes, slick icy trails and less Ranger visibility. We help you pack for all weather and choose activities that are warm and safe.

Selecting a place to stay at the Grand Canyon for a special winter vacation is key to having the best time possible. Our comments and recommendations will guide you along as you decide whether you want a rustic cabin or motel-type accommodations.

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