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Top Southwest Travel Adventures

Fly, Ride or Hike the Southwest's Most Exciting Spots


The Southwest is a great place for a travel adventure. Fly over the Grand Canyon in a bubble or rope cattle in a dude ranch rodeo. If you want to fly, ride or peek over the edge of a Southwest canyon, we have some great ideas for your Southwest adventure vacation.

Fly Over the Grand Canyon in a "Bubble"

Fly Over the Grand Canyon in a Maverick Helicopter
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You can tour the Grand Canyon in a state of the art ECO-star helicopter. They feature wraparound glass for outstanding visibility, front-facing, theater-style seating and individual leather seats. I enjoyed the ECO-star as it was very quiet and I didn't experience the shaking associated with helicopter flight. In fact, riding with Maverick was like taking off over the Grand Canyon in a bubble!

Drift Over New Mexico in a Hot Air Balloon

Climb into the basket and float over Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta. The scariest part is the landing. Balloons can be guided up or down, but the winds decide where you will go. Will you land in that wide open field or in a barnyard with the angry dogs? The thrill is in not knowing!

Scream on X Scream at Stratosphere in Las Vegas

At 866 feet, X Scream is the world's third highest thrill ride. Shaped like a giant teeter-totter, X Scream is an open vehicle that propels riders head-first, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower and dangles them weightlessly above the Strip before pulling it's riders back and over again for more! This is just one of the thrill rides in Las Vegas.

For an Edgy Experience, Ride into the Grand Canyon on a Mule

If you have a sense of adventure, feel reasonably fit and want to see the Grand Canyon from the top down, in all angles of light, and experience the canyon’s geology, wildlife and beauty in a way few ever get to experience it, you may enjoy the trip. But don't forget.. the trails are narrow and the canyon is steep!

Chase the Steers in a Team Roping Event

Head down Vulture Mine Road in Wickenburg, Arizona and you will head back in time to when a stay at a Guest Ranch was for the "rich and famous" and the desert held treasures only a guest flying in to the ranch's private airstrip could enjoy. Part of the fun at this upscale dude ranch is participating in events like team penning.

Run Bulldozers and Excavators in an Adult-Size Sandbox

Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, in Steamboat, Colorado, adults get to spend a half- or a full-day using real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks, in the first heavy equipment arena in the United States.

Drive at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a multi-million dollar racing enterprise. This "Fastest 60 Acres in America" is a perfect destination for those with a need for speed. Although it's not cheap, you can get the same experience and training enjoyed by many movie stars, dignitaries, and professional racecar drivers.
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