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Places to Find Fall Color in the Southwestern United States


Looking for Fall color? From the Aspens of Colorado to the riot of color in Arizona's high country, the Southwestern United States offers a leaf-peeper's paradise. We have chosen sites that take you to where the colors are. These sites offer you detailed information on timing and how to find the places where the leaves are turning. Bring your camera!

1. Northern New Mexico Fall Color Train Trip

Cumbres & Toltec Railway Fall Excursion
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The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is a vintage steam locomotive driven excursion train leaving either from Antonito, Colorado or Chama, New Mexico. You will journey back in time through spectacular mountains, canyons and valleys. If you schedule things right, say the end of September, you may see beautiful golden aspens.

2. Fall Color in the Reno Lake Tahoe Area

Fall color comes to Reno / Tahoe foliage starting toward the end of September and peaks through October, though exactly when the leaves change color varies somewhat from year to year. If the weather remains mild and slowly cools down as autumn transitions into winter, the fall color show will last for several weeks. If we get a sudden cold snap or an early snow, fall leaves can leave the trees literally over night.

3. Colorado Fall Foliage Guide

Aspens of Colorado
One September, I flew over Colorado and looked down to find a golden landscape. I had hit the turning of the Aspens just right! The month of September is the ideal time to witness this gilded spectacle, but you have to time it right — the color only lasts about a week in most places. Unfortunately, it's difficult to predict when exactly the leaves will turn in any given location.

4. Fall Colors in Arizona

Arizona's north country is a wonderful place to enjoy the changing of the seasons and the fall colors that go with that change. Here are some places in Arizona where you can enjoy beautiful fall foliage. From Mid-September through mid-November you can even call the Fall Color Hotline at 1-800-354-4595.

5. Seeking Color in New Mexico

There are mountains in New Mexico that have incredible opportunities to view the Fall Foliage. September and October are the best viewing times for Fall foliage in all these locations.

6. Intermountain Region

The Intermountain Region is a beautiful place to be in the fall. The Intermountain Region's fall color message will be updated on Fridays through October or as long as colors abound. The Intermountain Region consists of National Forest Lands in Nevada, Utah, Southern Idaho, Western Wyoming and parts of California.

7. Northern Utah Fall Color

Vivid reds and yellows are starting to appear on trees at higher elevations in northern Utah. Utah's canyons and mountains will be ablaze with color during the next few weeks.

8. Lost Maples, Texas Fall Foliage Finder

Lost Maples is a beautiful outdoor destination in any season and the Park welcomes your next visit. Look for the Texas Oaks that dapple the Hill Country to be turning vivid red.

9. Zion National Park, Utah Fall Color

Fall color in Zion usually begins with the aspens in Zion's high country changing color in early to mid October. Next are the hardwoods of Zion's east side and finally the riparian trees at the bottom of Zion Canyon, which are the most impressive in terms of color and which usually peak in early November.

10. Utah's Fall Foliage Tour

Utah in the Fall is a blast of color! From golden cottonwoods along meandering streams to the supernatural glow of aspen and oak in mountains and meadows, Utah's fall colors will take your breath away. These 31 tours will take you to state and national parks, national forests, high plateaus and redrock canyons. Whether you follow the prescribed routes or head out on your own, Utah's season of splendor will surely lure you down many roads.

11. Leaf-Peeping in the Pike's Peak Region of Colorado

Unique ways to peep autumn leaves in the Pikes Peak region are endless. Whether by foot, car or other adventerous mode of transportation there's a way for everyone to enjoy this special season in the Rocky Mountains.

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