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Mysteries of the American Southwest


Dinosaurs, ghosts, ancient mysteries and weird southwest tattoos will intrigue you as you travel the Southwest. Find out about the most mysterious and interesting sites in the Southwestern United States. If you have a yen for the obscure and a desire to delve into mysteries, you may want to plan your Southwest travel in order to stop by some of these sites.

1. Desert Dinosaur Hunting

The desert Southwest is rich with evidence of the era of the dinosaur. If you're ready to go dinosaur hunting, don your safari hat, put on your paleontologist vest, make sure you have plenty of water, plenty of gas, a reliable vehicle, sturdy footwear and a sense of adventure. These articles will tell you the best places to go for a dinosaur vacation!

2. Area 51 Doesn't Exist... or Does it?

According to many sources, it doesn't exist. You won't find it on United States Geological Survey maps, and its airport isn't shown on aeronautical maps, either. And yet, like a place in the Twilight Zone, flights to it leave Las Vegas' McCarran Airport every day. Some say alien aircraft are stored there and reverse-engineered to create new aircraft and weapons, or it's the site of genetic testing or other diabolical plots.

3. The Energy Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona

It is said that the Native Americans believed that Sedona was the center of the universe and that to them it was sacred land to be used only for special rites and ceremonies. To them, and to the New Agers who flock there today, Sedona is a place where the energies of the Earth converge, a place of power or a vortex.

4. Haunted Hotels and Inns of the Southwest

From distraught brides to salesmen who lost their shirts gambling, the historic Southwest hotels and inns provide ghost hunters with much to keep them occupied. Find out about ghostly haunts across the Southwest.

5. Mystery Lights of Marfa Texas

Marfa, Texas is becoming a destination for those intrigued by Marfa's mysterious lights and for those wanting to experience a fun and funky out-of-the way Texas town. Traveling art exhibits of national importance, and an up and coming new vineyard add to the attraction.

6. Arizona Ghost Towns

Ghost towns aren't necessarily spooky or haunted by spirits, evil or otherwise. Philip Varney, in his book Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps defines a ghost town as having "two characteristics: the population has decreased markedly, and the initial reason (such as a mine or a railroad) no longer keeps people in the community."

7. Phoenix Mystery Castle

Mystery Castle was built by Boyce Luther Gulley, who abandoned his wife and daughter in 1930 after learning that he had tuberculosis. He traveled to Phoenix and started building a "castle" for the little girl he'd left behind. Mary Lou Gulley was a toddler when her father unexpectedly left and never returned. You can visit this "castle" in Phoenix and you may just be guided by the real Mary Lou Gulley.

8. Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash

In the history of UFO reports, no case has received the world-wide attention as the Roswell event of 1947. Not only did the alleged crash of a flying saucer create mass coverage at the time of the event, but remains today as an often discussed case by which all other cases are judged.

9. Roswell UFO Center and Museum

Southern New Mexico offers a number of interesting, and often out-of-the-way attractions, not the least of which is the world famous International UFO Museum in Roswell. Roswell is the site for the annual International UFO Convention each July, but there are always plenty of "alien" activities year-round.

10. Arizona Haunted Sites

Arizona is THE place to celebrate Halloween and a great place to hunt ghosts any time of year. If you’re looking to really be scared this Halloween, then put away those rented horror movies and throw away your tickets to the local school turned haunted house. Instead travel to a place where headless ghosts roam free, abandoned prisons remain almost untouched and ghost towns are alive with spirits.

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