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Southwest Clothing Optional and Nude Safety Zones

Going Naked on Your Southwest Vacation


You may not be a naturist but sometimes you just want to go somewhere where you can be nude for awhile. It's hot in the Southwest and there are places where you can be topless by the pool or nude in the resort's hot tub. This isn't a list for naturists, but it's a good start for someone who's clothing is getting the best of them.

Top 6 Topless Sunbathing Pools on the Las Vegas Strip

Nude in the Hotel Pool
Las Vegas is clearly the place (in the US) where the average person can participate in those things that they would never even consider at home. Las Vegas is predicated on the basic assumption of re-invention of your personality, if only for a weekend. So, why not include topless sunbathing and introduce nude lounging at Las Vegas pools?

Clothing Optional Hot Tubbing at Santa Fe's Sunrise Springs Resort and Spa

Nude in the Hot Tub
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Sunrise Springs is situated on a spring-fed 70 acres. Ponds abound with water lilies, frogs, dragon flies and beautiful koi. The area is green with grasses, cottonwood trees and organic gardens. The resort's founders stress a commitment to sustainable practices. Since nature has a way of relaxing a person, the soft winds, rustling leaves and sounds of water will immediately take their effect on your harried life. They have one clothing optional hot tub. Meanwhile, it's not uncommon to see guests strolling the property in robes after a spa treatment or dip in the pool.

Best Hot Springs in New Mexico

Hike into some of the best hot springs around. Many are remote and "bathing suit optional."

Best Hot Springs in Colorado

Hike in to some of the most secluded hot springs around. Some are bathing suit optional and some are so secluded at certain times that no one would care!

Best Hot Springs in Arizona

Some of these hot springs are so hot you will want a dip in the river to cool off. A great list of hot springs. Some of them are clothing optional. Enjoy the hike!

Nude Beaches and Nude Resorts in Mexico

Just south of the border lies Mexico, yet another opportunity for a vacation sans clothing. From All Inclusives to quiet little beaches, our Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways writer has a great selection.

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