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Places to Go and Things to Do for The Best Southwest Experience


There is so much to do and see in the diverse Southwest. We lead you to the most exciting adventures, the most colorful festivals, the best sports venues, the top events and the must-do sights. Whether you are a museum-goer, a sports nut or an outdoor enthusiast, we'll have places to go and things to do in the Southwest that fit your interests.
  1. Top Spots for Natural Beauty
  2. Experiencing Native American Southwest
  3. Southwest for Families
  1. Mexican Color and Culture
  2. Southwest Sports and Recreation
  3. Traveling Historic Route 66

Top Spots for Natural Beauty

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Mitchell

The Southwest has some of the most striking scenery in the world. From the Grand Canyon, to the mountains of Colorado, we highlight information you need to know to visit the natural treasures of the Southwest.

Experiencing Native American Southwest

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Mitchell

A visit to the Southwest is not complete without experiencing the rich cultural traditions and art of the Native Americans. Learn about visiting Pueblos, how to buy Indian art and where to find some great Native American celebrations. If you know where to go and when, the Native peoples of the Southwest will extend a warm welcome to you.

Southwest for Families

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The Southwest with it's wild west excitement, living history museums and outdoor activities makes for a wonderful family vacation. We lead you to events and destination sure to make great family memories.

Mexican Color and Culture

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Mitchell

The Southwest is full of Mexican and Spanish influence. From food to festivals, you will enjoy the South of the Border flavor found throughout the Southwest. Often, there is a mixture with local Anglo and Indian cultures that produce a unique Southwest experience. You can't go home without having a top notch margarita or even crossing the border for some international fun.

Southwest Sports and Recreation

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The Southwest is a mecca for people who love to participate in and watch sports. It might be football, golf or hiking, but the Southwest is truly enjoyed by active people.

Traveling Historic Route 66

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Mitchell

As I travel throughout the Southwest, I always detour off the main highway when I see a Historic Route 66 sign. I am on the lookout for roadside diners, motor courts and filling stations that just could be vestiges of the Route 66 era. We have articles that describe how you can find the vestiges of Route 66, "The Mother Road," in each of the Southwest states.

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