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Mexico - Border Towns, Sightseeing, Restaurants and More

Mexican Border Towns. Crossing the border into Mexico can be very easy. Mexico provides fascinating opportunities for the wary tourist. Shop, dine and even visit the Dentist... just a walk across the border from the Southwestern U.S.

Algodones, Mexico - Should You Cross the Border?
Algodones is still safe for the daytime border crossing. A local couple provdide an update and tips on dining and visting Algodones for medical or dental care.

Finding Mexico in the Southwest U.S.
You can find the culture, color and foods of Mexico right here in the United States. With concerns about crime and health issues south of the border, those who love Mexico can find the culture and the color in the Southwest

Helpful Tips for Mexico-Bound Travelers
If you are traveling across the Mexican border you will benefit from this advice issued by AAA in the wake of Mexican drug related violence.

Travel to Mexican Border Towns from the American Southwest
When you are in the Southwest, it is very tempting to cross the border for a little shopping and Mexican culture. Sonora, our Mexican state to the South, has an advertising campaign running on television enticing visitors to drive over the border with ease.

Algodones, Mexico - What You Need to Know About Visiting
Algodones, Mexico is an unusual little border town. What's so unusual about Algodones? We heard that within a four block radius there are more pharmacies, doctors, dentists and opticians than a similar four block area anywhere else in the world!

Crossing the Border into Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Should you or shouldn't you cross the border into Nogales, Mexico? We were surprised by the ease of crossing the border and what was to be found on the other side. We provide you with what you need to know about Nogales, Mexico from the perspective of a visitor.

Mexico Enchantments to Consider
Here are some places to consider if you’re heading to Mexico in the near future.

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