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Native American Culture and Arts

Native American Culture and Arts. More than 20 percent of Native Americans in the United States live in the Southwest, principally in Arizona and New Mexico. There are many different Indian cultures including Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Apache. We provide you with information on these cultures, arts and crafts and festivals.

Flagstaff's Museum of Northern Arizona Hosts Native American Cultural…
Each summer, the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, hosts a series of cultural festivals. Usually these festivals have entertainment, educational presentations and vendors. The festivals, each running for a weekend, feature an Arizona heritage community. You'll enjoy interacting and learning about the Zuni, Hopi and Navajo peoples as well as the later Hispanic culture.

About Kachinas (Katsinas) - The Story of the Kachina Doll
Katsina doll collecting can be an intimidating endeavor to the novice due to the enormous variety of Katsinam, as well as styles ranging from simple and flat, to meticulously detailed, life like representations.

Adopt a Native Elder Program - Reaching Out to Traditional Navajo Elders in Need
The Adopt a Native Elder Program, based in Park City Utah, provides food and the necessities of life to over 500 elders in remote areas of the Navajo Reservation.

All About Navajo Weaving – Why Navajo Rugs are So Valuable Today
Navajo weaving is a true American folk art. Born on the looms of the Pueblo Indians before the arrival of the Spanish, it was nurtured and perfected by the Navajo weaver.

American Indian Baskets - Native American Baskets and Basketry
Collecting American Indian baskets is one of the most satisfying and interesting areas of involvement with Native American arts. Find out how baskets are made, where you can buy authentic Indian baskets and how to care for your basket collection.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Northeast Arizona
Canyon de Chelly, located in the northeast corner of Arizona 3 miles (4.8 km) from Route 191 in Chinle, AZ. It is on Navajo Reservation land. It is about a 5 hour drive from Phoenix.

Chaco Culture Site of Pueblo Bonito - New Mexico
Pueblo Bonito is an important ancestral puebloan site and one of the largest Great House sites in the Chaco Canyon region. It was constructed over a period of 300 years, between AD 850 and 1150-1200 and it was abandoned at the end of the 13th century.

Exploring Indian Arizona - Native American Hotels
Make your stay in Arizona a cultural experience. Travelers today are searching for vacations that offer more than just sandy beaches and sunshine. They are looking for experiences where they can discover firsthand a region's customs, traditions, cuisine, and music. With more Tribal Nations than other state in the country, Arizona offers visitors the opportunity to explore Native American culture in the most intimate and authentic of ways.

Fred Stevens, Jr Navajo Sandpainter
Fred Stevens, Jr., (1922 - 1983) Navajo Indian Sandpainter and Medicine Man who is acknowledged to have been the foremost developer and practitioner of permatizing Navajo Sandpaintings.

Heard Museum Hoop Dance Contest, Phoenix, Arizona - Annual Heard Event
The annual Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance contest attracts the nation's top competitors. Enjoy the youth division on up to the skill of the adults.

Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market, Phoenix, Arizona - Annual Heard Event
The annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market, highlights spectacular artwork, music and dance performances, artist demonstrations, book signings and delicious Native foods.The Fair & Market draws more than 600 of the nation's finest Native American artists who show and sell authentic artwork. Peruse booths filled with jewelry, beadwork, pottery, katsina dolls, textiles, clothing, paintings, baskets and more.

Heard Museum Kachina Doll Marketplace
Heald Annually in April, you will see ore than 100 Hopi katsina doll carvers who show and sell their unique creations at the Heard Museum Shop's annual Katsina Doll Marketplace in Heard Museum Phoenix's Steele Auditorium.

How to Research the Native Americans in Your Family Tree
Whether you want to become an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, verify a family tradition that you descended from an American Indian, or just want to learn more about your roots, researching your Native American family tree beings just like any other genealogy research - with yourself

Introduction to Southwestern Indian Jewelry
Indian Jewelry is a term that brings to mind the silver and turquoise jewelry of the Navajo and Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest. Craftspeople from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santo Domingo tribes have gained a world-wide reputation for their unique jewelry.

Kokopelli - Kokopelli Legend
Kokopelli was the predominant figure in the religious landscape of the Southwest, from 500 A.D. through 1325 A.D., until the development of the Katsina Cult. Kokopelli is most typically viewed as a fertility deity, and is still worshipped by many Native American tribes in the Southwest. He is also thought to be a trickster, traveling salesman, insect, musician, warrior and hunting magician.

Land of Navajo Rugs and Weavings – Toadlena and Two Grey Hills
For the lover of Navajo rugs and weavings, a day trip from Gallup through the Navajo Reservation to Toadlena Trading Post and Two Grey Hills Trading Post is a must-do. Not only will you find yourself at the center of the Two Grey Hills weaving community, you will have the opportunity to learn about the beautiful rugs and see examples that exist nowhere else.

Native American Art Festivals - Finding the Best Jewelry and …
It's important to buy authentic Native American art. Here's a list of places you can go to see fantastic art and to purchase a piece that is authentic. Some are juried shows and some are places that I have explored where authenticity is placed high on the list of criteria for the pieces that are sold. If in doubt, always ask the artisan who made the piece, where they are from and whether or not t…

Native American Veterans - Honored Citizens of Nations Within a Nation
Native American Veterans go above and beyond in serving their country. As I travel the Southwest I am taken with the patriotism shown by Native Americans. Respect given to Native American veterans rivals that of most any other American cultural group. Despite the oppression of many Native Americans, the desire to serve the United States as honored warriors remains a part of the culture.

Navajo Folk Art - What You Need to Know
Navajo Folk Art is rooted in every day Navajo life on the reservation. The art, sometimes simply done, depicts people animals and rez life. Folk art is often termed grass roots art or art of the people. Navajo Folk Art can be found in wood carving form, in beading and in simple paintings

Navajo National Monument - Arizona
Located on Navajo Reservation land in Arizona, the Monument preserves Betatakin, Keet Seel, and Inscription House, three cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloan People.

Navajo Sand Painting - History and Ceremony
Navajo Sandpainting, once only part of Navajo ceremonial life, has become an art form available to collectors and visitors alike.

Norbert Peshlakai, Navajo Gold and Silversmith
Norbert Peshlakai, Navajo, is an award-winning gold and silversmith with a unique contemporary style. Peshlakai Vision Studio, 206 S. Third St. in Gallup, is where you may find Norbert at work when he is not traveling to exhibit at Native American art shows.

Photo Tour of the Phoenix Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market
The Spring Indian Fair and Market at The Heard Museum celebrates Native American artists who gather here each year from across the United States to sell their work and meet with family, friends, and fellow artists.

Pueblo Potters Create Beauty from the Earth
The beauty of Noreen Simplicio's Pueblo Pottery begins with digging clay from the earth. Noreen Simplicio, of Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico is a renowned potter who has shown and won prizes for her work at the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest: What You Need to Know
The Pueblo Indians have been making pottery for about 2000 years. While early pottery was made primarily for their own use, contemporary Indian pottery is mostly decorative.

Southwest Indian Art Fair in Tucson, Arizona
The Southwest Indian Art Fair, taking place at the Arizona State Museum on the University of Arizona campus, draws over 200 juried Native American artists. The Fair runs Saturday and Sunday, annually in February. The Southwest Indian Art Fair is a high quality, excellent show.

Trading Posts of the Southwest - Gallup, New Mexico Area Trading Posts
Trading posts of the southwest. History, culture, understanding the pawn system and how to shop at local trading posts. Features list of Gallup trading posts.

Traveling Among the Navajo
The Navajo Nation offers a variety of recreation and cultural opportunities. Experience the natural wonders of Monument Valley Tribal Park, reflect upon the lives of teh Anasazi people who left the ruins in Canyon de Chelly and Navajo Nation Monuments or visit Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site where customers have traded since 1878.

Visiting the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico
The Zuni Pueblo is not far from Gallup, New Mexico. The scenic drive out to Zuni takes you through a valley surrounded by beautiful mesas.

Visiting Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
Visiting Zuni Pueblo - What You Need to Know. The best part of visiting Zuni was that it was seemingly untouched by time. Important religious ceremonies go on from year to year, and families pass down language and tradition.

Zuni Fetish Animal Carvings
The Zuni are known for their animal carvings. The carvings made for collectors and tourists have no religious significance but the predecessors to these marvelous little stone and shell animals did.

Visiting the Hopi Mesas of Arizona - First Mesa
A visit to the Hopi Mesas, located in northern Arizona, is a trip back in time. The Hopi people came to the Mesas in ancient times. Hopi is the oldest continually practiced culture in the United States. According to Hopi guides, Hopi religion and culture have been practiced for over 3,000 years. We provide you with information on touring the Hopi mesas and how to choose a guide.

Moenkopi Legacy Inn and Suites Photo Tour
The new Moenkopi Legacy Inn and Suites (opened Spring 2010) was conceptualized by the elders of the Upper Village of Moenkopi. It was a major undertaking designed as a welcoming portal to the land of the Hopi as well as a source for employment. The only other hotel on Hopi land is the small one at the Hopi Cultural Center on Second Mesa.

What Are Dream Catchers? Are They Really Native American?
What are Dream Catchers? Throughout the Southwest you will see a round hoop with what appears to be a woven web. They are called Dream Catchers. But are they actually Native American? We provide you with the history and lore of the Dream Catcher and provide resources for making and purchasing Dream Catchers.

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