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Norbert Peshlakai, Navajo Gold and Silversmith

Photos from his Gallup Studio


Norbert Peshlakai, Navajo, is an award-winning gold and silversmith with a unique contemporary style. Peshlakai Vision Studio, 206 S. Third St. in Gallup, is where you may find Norbert at work when he is not traveling to exhibit at Native American art shows.

The studio is on the Ancient Way Arts Trail map. Norbert Peshlakai was born in 1953. His work can be termed contemporary yet it is firmly rooted in the navajo culture. He often incorporates carefully chosen stones in his work. You may see his shadow box jewelry, miniature silver and gold bowls, jars, and seed pots.
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Peshlakai Vision StudioVisit Norbert Peshlakai's Studio in GallupPeshlakai at WorkNorbert Peshlakai at Work in his Gallup StudioPeshlakai Navajo JewelrySelection of Jewelry by Norbert PeshlakaiNorbert Peshlakai Goat PinGoat Pin by Norbert Peshlakai
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