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Old Zuni Mission


When visiting Zuni, it is a "must" to see the murals and is well worth the entrance fee.
Old Zuni Mission
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The original mission deteriorated into ruin. In 1922 Franciscans returned to Zuni and built a new mission and school just north of the pueblo. The Zuni Pueblo, the Catholic Church and the Park Service worked together to excavate teh old mission. It has been partially restored. Within the mission is a stunning mural display. Alex Seowtewa, a well-known Zuni artist, painted a series of traditional Zuni Kachinas on the walls inside the church. Over ten years, Alex, with the help of his sons, Gerald and Kenneth, completed 24 figures of various kachinas and tribal religious leaders. Since then three additional panels depicting traditional crops, birds and animals, and a kiva altar have been completed.
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