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Heard Museum Kachina Doll Marketplace


Kachina Doll

Blue Whipper Kachina Doll by Carlton Timms (Hopi)

Courtesy: Heard Museum

Heard Museum Annual Katsina Doll (or Kachina) Marketplace:

Held Annually in April, you will see ore than 100 Hopi katsina doll carvers who show and sell their unique creations at the Heard Museum Shop's annual Katsina Doll Marketplace in Heard Museum Phoenix's Steele Auditorium.


Free for the Marketplace (museum admission additional).


Saturday only. 10 am - 4 pm

What You Will Experience:

You will enjoy musical entertainment and meet top Hopi carvers. Made from the root of the cottonwood tree, katsina dolls vary from Hopi village to village. The Marketplace will offer a wide range of styles, designs, techniques and prices. This event is a great place for avid collectors to purchase new carvings from their favorite artists or for first-time buyers to interact with the artists to learn more about the art form.

About Hopi Katsinas:

Described by Heard Museum Shop Director Bruce McGee, katsina dolls – called tihu by Hopi people – are “books in wood, with each carving telling a colorful story and explaining a cultural message.” Katsina dolls derive from a Hopi tradition of giving gifts to young Hopi girls from the Katsinas, which represent spirits that are an important part of Hopi religion. They are connected with events like fertility, changing seasons and harvesting. The Katsina spirits appear during religious ceremonies from February to July.

All About Katsinas:

Make sure that the Katsina doll you are buying is either Hopi or Zuni, both of whom subscribe to the Katsina religion. All About Collecting Katsinas.

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