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Pottery of New Mexico - Visiting the Potters and Buying Pottery

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Micaceous Pottery from New Mexico

Felipe Ortega's Micaceous Cooking Pottery

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When traveling through both the towns and back roads of New Mexico, finding handmade pottery and meeting potters can be an enriching experience. Making pottery is one of the most ancient of arts. Before we prized pottery for its beauty, it was a staple of everyday life. In fact most Native American potters are surprised when they are called artists. Many see themselves, humbly, as makers of pots.

When you travel New Mexico, you will find a variety of pottery traditions. The common bond these potters have is their love of working with clay and being in touch with the earth. And, as we noticed, there are many aspects of pottery making that are the same no matter what the potter's cultural background or training.

Join us as we share our journey to visit New Mexican potters:

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