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Alien Theme Park in Roswell, New Mexico Planned for Earth People

Will the Dream Become a Reality in Time for Your Vacation?


Alien Theme Park - Roswell, New Mexico

Alien Abduction Ride

Courtesy: Bryan Temmer
I don't know if it was a dream or a carefully placed e-mail, but somehow I heard about an Alien Theme Park being planned for Roswell, New Mexico, home of of the 1947 UFO crash and the annual UFO Festival. So I went to the source, earthperson Bryan Temmer, President and Founder of Alien Apex Resort, Inc. Naturally I was curious and had a few questions for Bryan.

Southwest for Visitors: What is it we hear about an Alien Theme Park in Roswell?

Bryan: The continued worldwide popularity of the Roswell incident, even after almost 60 years, clearly demonstrates the public's profound interest in UFO's and aliens. It seemed only logical to create a year round permanent celebration of the famous UFO incident with a world class alien theme park in Roswell, New Mexico.

Southwest for Visitors: How on earth (no pun intended) did you come up with the idea?

Bryan: The idea first started with some type of alien abduction roller coaster ride. This ride evolved into an entire alien theme park. The other possibility is that I was abducted by aliens and programmed to build an alien theme park. Either way, Roswell will get an alien theme park one day.

Southwest for Visitors: What are the key attractions you envision?

Bryan: The flagship attraction will be a highly themed alien abduction indoor roller coaster. The ride promises to set a new standard for indoor roller coaster attractions. My hope is to break at least 3 world records with this ride. It's also not every day that you can visit a theme park and get abducted by aliens without any serious side effects. Stay tuned for more information about the other exciting attractions planned for Alien Apex Resort.

Southwest for Visitors: What is your timeline?

Bryan: My dream is to have it open next week, but realistically, it probably will be between 3-4 years before anyone has a chance to enjoy Alien Apex Resort.

Southwest for Visitors: Where will this theme park be?

Bryan: It will be located in the only place on earth that makes sense for an alien theme park, namely Roswell, New Mexico.

Southwest for Visitors: Do you have a website where we can follow the progress?

Bryan: The website is still under construction. I hope to have it ready in the next 2-3 months.

Southwest for Visitors: How do we keep in touch with the progress? Do you have a mailing list?

Bryan: No mailing list yet, but we're working on one.

Southwest for Visitors: Any thing else you feel is important for us to know?

Bryan: One very important thing I'd like to share...start preparing now for the best experience you'll ever have on this earth or anywhere else.

Well, it appears that it will be a few years before we can plan this Alien theme park vacation. But in the meanwhile, Bryan is working hard, collaborating with Roswell City Planning Director, Zach Montgomery and getting his dream out there in the press. Here's a podcast from CoasterRadio.com.

And, if you think this is just a figment of an earthperson's imagination, it's important to know that there are more involved than Bryan. Here's what Zach Montgomery, of the City of Roswell provided for an update: The Alien Apex Resort Theme Park offers more for visitors to do while in Roswell, while offering competition to existing gift shops to stabilize retail prices and make our visitors happier with their Roswell UFO encounter. This project will draw more tourists to Roswell and our UFO related businesses, while promising hundreds of new jobs. The next step is to secure the business plan and other financial support documents. We went to Santa Fe on 12-5-06 to ask the Governor and the Cabinet Secretary of Tourism for financial assistance to help pay for these professional services... more to come! Nothing new yet!

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