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Weather Information for the Southwestern United States

What's the weather in the Southwest?


January Sunrise in Arizona

January Sunrise in Arizona

Elizabeth R. Rose
The Southwestern United States is very diverse. From the Rocky Mountain high country to the valley of the sun in Arizona, weather can be extreme. We provide the best weather information for those traveling to the Southwestern United States.

The Big Weather Picture

If you are flying, a general overview can be very helpful. Weather.com has the best Southwest doppler radar weather map. This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in the Southwest United States. It is made through the compilation of over 140 local Doppler radar maps. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. Local, regional, and national radars are updated in real time with the latest data every 15 minutes.

Southwest Temperature, Rainfall and Snowfall Averages

Looking at the past can help predict what the weather might be like in any given vacation month. Worldclimate.com can instantly provide data for most any city in the world. Just put in the city name, and up pops historical weather data.

We also have compiled weather information for some popular travel destinations in the Southwest:

State of Texas
- Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
- Austin, Texas

State of New Mexico
- Albuquerque Climate Information - Averages

State of Colorado
State of Utah
- Park City Weather

State of Arizona
- Phoenix Average Monthly Temperatures
- Tucson Climate Information - Averages

State of Nevada

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