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Wildflower Hunting in the American Southwest - New Mexico

New Mexico Wildflowers


New Mexico Wildflowers

In general the wildflower season in New Mexico runs from February to April. However there are climate zones within New Mexico that run from desert to mountain environments. You will enjoy a variation in wildflowers depending on the altitude of the area you are visiting. Just as with any mountainous area, wildflowers abound in summer. At lower elevations, spring is wildflower time. A photographic field guide of New Mexico mountain wildflowers and desert wildflowers will help you identify the flowers you see in New Mexico.

Places to See Wildflowers in New Mexico

Cloudcroft - The Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce touts high mountain meadows and cool air as a welcome relief from the surrounding desert. Warm summer days are sprinkled with mountain showers that come and go quickly but which leave behind a variety of wildflowers that blanket the meadow and line the roads. Summer temperatures reach the upper 70’s but the nighttime lows remain in the cool 40’s and 50’s. Cloudcroft New Mexico is located on U.S. Hwy. 82 and is easily accessible from both east and west. The western approach from Alamogordo (north of El Paso, Texas, on U.S Hwy 54) is a steep 16 mile climb of nearly 5,000 vertical feet that takes travelers through a variety of climate zones.

Organ Mountains of New Mexico - This strikingly beautiful photographic website features flowers from the Organ Mountains. The Organs, east of Las Cruces, offer two main recreational areas, Aguirre Springs and Dripping Springs/La Cueva. Aguirre Springs features hiking, mountain biking, picnicking and camping at one of the most scenic areas in southern New Mexico

Bosque de Apache Wildlife Refuge - The Refuge is not only a wonderful place to see wildflowers in season, it is one of the most spectacular national wildlife refuges in North America. Here, tens of thousands of birds--including sandhill cranes, Arctic geese, and many kinds of ducks--gather each autumn and stay through the winter. Feeding snow geese erupt in explosions of wings when frightened by a stalking coyote, and at dusk, flight after flight of geese and cranes return to roost in the marshes.

Official Wildflowers

New Mexico's State flower is the Yucca Flower. In 1992 when the wildflower series of U.S. stamps was issued, the Claret Cup Cactus flower was featured for New Mexico.

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