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Sedona Arizona Vortexes - Where are the Vortexes?

Vortex Sites in Sedona, Arizona


Where are the Vortexes?

This information is courtesy Pete A Sanders, Jr. from Free Soul, spiritual education program. Pete does research, lectures, conferences and leads vortex tours in Sedona. The terminology used in describing the vortexes is from Pete's work and is described in this article on vortexes. His easy to understand guide to vortexes, "Scientific Vortex Information" can be purchased online or in Sedona bookstores.

Red Rock Crossing

Take Hwy 89A southwest out of Sedona (toward Cottonwood). At the top of the hill (after Foothills South/Sedona Medical Center) make a left at the light (Upper Red Rock Loop Rd.) Go down the hill (1-2 miles). At the bottom make a left and follow the signs for Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Recreational Area. From the parking lot walk upstream 1/4 to 1/2 mile (level) to the red rock beach area. You can go further upstream for deeper swimming holes. This is an "inflow plus lateral water cleansing combination) vortex. ($8.00 per car charge).

Saddle of Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock can be seen from Red Rock Crossing and easily identified by its two twin spires and large saddle. This vortex is a cone shaped pile of black lava rocks and is located just below the western ledge of the saddle. Follow the directions as if you were going to Bell Rock. On Hwy 179 go past Chapel Road about a mile to Back O'Beyond Road (well before you reach Bell Rock). Turn right and take this road to the end to the parking lot on the left. Follow the moderate to strenuous trail to the saddle between the three rock spires. This is an "upflow in an inflow combination" vortex. (Requires Red Rock Pass for Parking)

Bell Rock

Bell Rock is a major Sedona landmark visible just past the village of Oak Creek. If already in Sedona, take Hwy 89A to the traffic circle junction of Hwys 89A and 179. Take Hwy 179 past Poco Diablo Resort. Look for the Bell Rock parking area several miles further on the right. Bell Rock is across the street on the left. There is also dirt parking space there. Follow the clear trails into the base of the rock and proceed from there as high as you wish. This is a "pure upflow" vortex. (Requires Red Rock Pass for Parking)

Boynton Canyon and Long Canyon Mesa

Boynton Canyon is considered by some to be the most powerful of the vortexes in Sedona. It is a scenic box canyon. Take Hwy 89A Southwest toward Cottonwood. At the lst light in town (at Cinedona Theaters) make a right on Dry Creek Rd. Go 3-4 miles to the "T." For Boynton Canyon turn left at the "T" and follow signs to the Boynton Canyon Trail. The small parking area will be on your right. For Long Canyon turn right at the "T." When the paved road ends, follow the dirt road to the left (200 yards) to a small parking area. Walk up the steep hill. At the top of the hill go left. When the road next forks, go right. Follow the road to the large medicine wheel on Rachel's Knoll (total walk 1/2 to 3/4 mile - 15-20 minutes. Please respect signs asking for near complete quiet. Tnis is a "Upflow and Inflow Combination" vortex.

Airport Mesa

Vortex or no vortex, Airport Mesa is an inspiring place to be with 360 degree views of the valley. It is the closest vortex to the center of Sedona. Take Hwy 89A to the Airport Rd. (at circular building). You can either take the road all the way to the top and follow the signs for "Sunrise Service" to the Masonic Lodge Memorial Cross and meditate there or pull into the small pullout 2/3 of the way up and hike up to the top of either of the two side mounts (200 yds.) The closest mound is the main vortex area. The easiest route to the top is on a trail that goes around the left of the base and then up. This is an "upflow" vortex. (Red Rock Pass Required for parking). Imagine, a "fly-in vortex!"

Oak Creek Canyon Overlook

Take Hwy 89A north toward Flagstaff. At the top of the switchbacks (15-17 miles from Sedona) look for the entrance to the overlook on the right. Park and walk out to the vista point (1/4 mile - level). This is an "upflow and lateral combination" vortex.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Follow the directions for going to Bell Rock. Ater Poco Diablo Resort look for signs for the Chapel. Chapel website. Follow the signs and make a left on Chapel Road. It ends at the Chapel parking area. Walk (50 yards) to sitting rocks or benches. This is a "complex combination" vortex and view area.

West Fork - Energy Well Spring

This is the most biodiverse spot in Arizona. Take Highway 89A 11 miles north of Sedona (toward Flagstaff). One mile past Don Hoel's Cabins, look for the entrance to the parking lot at the big sweeping curve to the right. At the southwest corner of the parking lot follow the trail along the creek to the metal sign at the crossing point. Once you are up the opposite bank, walk south to the ivy glen and turn right. Follow the trail 1/4 mile until you come to the West Fork Creeek. Once you cross this smaller stream you are at the official beginning of West Fork. The mostly level trail starts there. Wear old shoes or Gortex boots as the trail repeatedly takes you through the creek. Having a walking stick for balance when crossing the creek is also good. This is a "lateral" vortex with timelessness effects.

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