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New Cardinals Stadium - Location of Super Bowl XLII


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Retractable Grass at the New Cardinals Stadium - Glendale, Arizona
Cardinals Stadium Retractable Grass

The Grass Likes Being Outdoors in the Sunlight

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The Cardinals Stadium features the first fully retractable natural grass playing surface built in the United States. Designed by CMX Sports Engineers, the retractable playing field is situated on 19 million pound tray that sits on 13 rails. The tray is layered starting with the grass on top which sits on a foot of sand. Under the sand is the plumbing for the grass and under the plumbing is the tray liner that prevents the water for the field from leaking into the wheels and engines. The tray is driven by 76 one horsepower engines and it takes the engines approximately 65 minutes to move the tray. An opening on the southeast side of the stadium allows the playing field to move to the exterior of the building so the entire natural playing surface can be exposed to daylight when it is not in use. This unique design element prevents the problems that have plagued the grass at Chase Field and saves an estimated $50 million in cost. With the field in the outboard position, the 158,000-square foot floor is unencumbered by the turf and features a built-in utility grid. (Source: Wikipedia)

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