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Texas Travel Guide

Our Texas travel guide will provide all you need to know to plan your trip to Texas. We research places to stay, the best restaurants, the top attractions, the best day trips and highlight special festivals and events. From Dallas to the Texas Gulf Coast, you will find what you need to know about Texas travel.
  1. Austin, Texas (7)
  2. Dallas - Fort Worth (21)
  3. Gulf Coast Destinations (7)
  4. Hill Country (15)
  5. Houston, Texas (6)
  6. San Antonio, Texas (16)

Hottest Concert Venues in the Southwest
Been craving some live music under the stars? Whether you’ve been waiting for your favorite band to announce tour dates or simply want to sway to an unknown band at a free concert, there are lots of wonderful live music venues in the Southwest. Here are some of the best:

Experience the Real Texas
Visit Brenham and Washington County Texas. Any Texan will tell you that they are proud of being a Texan. They love their land and heritage. To better understand Texans make sure that you visit one of the small towns in Texas such as Brenham, not far from Houston. The beauty of small Texas towns is that the families who settled in the area are still there. Multi-generational homesteads and ranches are not unusual

Most Unique Small Towns in Texas
From the "Tip of Texas" on the Mexican border to the Panhandle Plains, Texas is full of small towns. In fact, much of Texas' unique flavor comes from these tiny towns. Visiting a few of the more interesting small towns in Texas can round out any Lone Star State vacation.

Top Texas Attractions
Deciding what to see while visiting Texas can be overwhelming. Of course, sometimes a city or geographic region is pre-determined and seeing the surrounding sights only makes sense. However, if you have no pre-determined travel itinerary for your Texas vacation, here are a few uniquely Texas attractions that will make any vacation complete.

Top Texas Historical Landmarks
Texas has a long and interesting history. Luckily, many of Texas' most historic sites and landmarks remain and are available for tours and viewing for Texas visitors.

Top Texas Destinations for Outdoor Adventures
Texas is a big state, with plenty of room to roam. Due to its varied terrain and wide-open expanses, Texas offers visitors a tremendous variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Best Spas in Texas
Texas has been making a splash lately with great new hotel and resort spas.

Best Texas Festivals
Texas has one of the most diverse populations in the state. This unique blend of people, coupled with Texas’ varied geographical regions, has resulted in a number of festivals that are just as diverse as the people who call Texas home. Here is a sample of some of the Lone Star State’s best annual events.

Going Nude in Texas - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Going Nude in Texas - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information

Camping in Texas
David Sweet, our About.com Guide to Camping provides this quick reference to campsites in Texas' State Parks, National Parks and Forests, private campgrounds and more.

Marfa, Texas -- Mysterious Lights, Cowboys, Art and Festivals
Marfa, Texas guide to the mystery lights, accommodations, restaurants, activities and events.

Historic Homes in Texas
Texas is a state rich in history. One of the most popular ways for Texas residents and visitors to take in a piece of this history is to visit some of the state's many historic homes.

Texas Train Tours
About.com Texas Travel Guide, Danno Wise, provides information on historic steam engines, train tours and focuses on enjoying a Texas train trip in the spring. What a way to see the wildflowers!

Top Attractions Located Near Texas Cities
Often times a quick escape is all the schedule allows. Luckily for Texans, and visitors to the Lone Star State, there are several interesting attractions and destinations within a short drive of major Texas metro areas such as Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Top Spots to Bird Watch in Texas
Texas has a wide variety of geographic regions in which visitors can bird. Each of these regions has its own unique "list" of species, many of which can be found nowhere else. When taken together, Texas offers visitors an opportunity to spot literally hundreds of bird species.

Best Zoos in Texas
Few people realize the quality of zoos found in Texas. From Brownsville's Gladys Porter Zoo on the Mexican border to the illustrious San Antonio Zoo to the one-of-a-kind Texas Zoo in Victoria, there are a variety of settings in which to view native and exotic wildlife in the Lone Star State.

Texas for Gay and Lesbian Travelers
Texas is very big and very diverse. There are some great vacation destinations for the gay traveler. Find out more in our Texas guide for the gay and lesbian traveler.

Texas Walks and Texas Walking Events
Find competitive walking races, non-competitive walks and fun walks in Texas.

Best Aquariums in Texas
For a state the size of Texas, which features hundreds of miles of coastline and dozens of lakes, rivers and reservoirs, it is only natural to play host to some of the nation's best aquariums. Currently, Texas houses a handful of world-class aquariums, plus dozens of smaller ones. Visiting one of these Top Texas Aquariums is a perfect way to complete your Texas vacation.

El Paso Area Attractions
A historic border town, El Paso has become a modern city without sacrificing its Old Southwest flair. And, there is plenty to see and do way out here in West Texas. From natural wonders to manmade marvels, El Paso boasts an impressive list of attractions.

Charro Days - A South Texas Tradition
Charro Days, the hugely popular fiesta staged in the border town of Brownsville each year.

Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Texas
Want to find dark sky sites in Texas? West Texas offers dark-sky views to travelers even as they drive across its wide open spaces on the way to a favorite destination.

Can’t Miss Texas Road Trips
Heading to Texas? Here are some great under-the-radar spots to consider.

Shopping For a Cause in Bastrop
Three months ago a wildfire destroyed more than 1,000 houses in this central Texas town. Now, you can help by going shopping.

Camping in Texas
If you're in the mood to rough it, here's how to do it in the Lone Star State.

Take the Kids to Texas
Heading to the Lone Star State? Be sure to check out these magnificent attractions for children of all ages.

The Best Food Trucks in Austin
When it comes to cheap meals, you can’t beat food that’s served out the side of a truck or miniature Airstream trailer. Here are the some of the city’s must-try food trucks.

The South Congress Avenue District
In recent years, the South Congress Avenue District – aka SoCo -- has become more than just a small strip of road south of Downtown. To the contrary, it’s become a destination of its own, featuring funky boutiques, diverse restaurants, up-tempo bars, down-to-earth honky tonks and everything in between. If you’re heading to South Congress, here...

Summer and Fall Events in Austin
The best summer and fall events in Austin, Texas.

Fun Finds in Galveston
Wonderful gift ideas on Galveston Island.

Live Music in Austin
If you’re seeking free live music in Austin, here are some places to see it.

Comedy Clubs in Texas
Where to find great comedy in Austin, Texas.

Break a Sweat in Austin
Exercise may not be one of our favorite things to do, but if you’re going to get in shape, Austin is a great place to do so.

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