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The Sundance Film Festival - What You Need to Know

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Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

About the Sundance Film Festival

First, it's a nice bit of trivia to know that Robert Redford did not found the Sundance Film Festival! In 1978 the Utah Film Commission started an event called The Utah/United States Film Festival and held it in Salt Lake City. Not many people came. Whether it was due to Salt Lake City's fame as the center of the Mormon faith, or the name of the event is not known. It just didn't fly.

The event was moved to Park City in 1981. In that year, Robert Redford founded The Sundance Institute and in 1991 The Utah/United States Film Festival officially became The Sundance Film Festival.

The Sundance Institute was set up to actively engage aspiring filmmakers, with the festival becoming a forum for that newly discovered talent. With the more liberal reputation held by Park City (versus Salt Lake City) The Festival was ready to attract tourists and film afficionados from across the United States.

The Sundance Film Festival is now known for showcasing the best that America has to offer in indpendent film.

What You Will Find at The Sundance Film Festival

As I flew to Salt Lake City one January the young woman next to me was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She was on her way to The Sundance Film Festival with digital camera and camcorder in hand to "see stars." She was going for the glamour, the glitz and the chance to catch a glimpse of film stars.

Most, however, are there to see films, some of them they would not see anywhere else, and some of the films destined for fame.

Where To Go

Park City, Utah is the main place for Sundance Film Festival events. The activities are concentrated in the Main Street area and in Prospector Square. Town map.

There are some films shown in Salt Lake City, Sundance Village and in Ogden. Tickets for those showings are sold at the Main Box offices.

Purchasing Tickets

Ticket packages and local's individual tickets are available on the Sundance website. The earlier the better is the best advice as they are sure to sell out. Tickets can be purchased on the web or by phone.

Tickets for Those Who Don't Plan Ahead

January 15, 2009 - January 25, 2009 The Wait-List has become a Sundance tradition and each year hundreds of Festivalgoers see popular films without advance tickets. There's no need to go to the Main Box Office. Just go directly to the theatre of the screening you wish to attend. Arrive two hours before the scheduled screening time to pick up your wait-list number (one per person). For each theatre's first screening of the day, wait-list numbers will be distributed one hour before the scheduled screening time. Once you have your number, you can leave the theatre, but you must return no later than 30 minutes before the screening time. You'll then line up according to number, and tickets are sold in sequential order. Wait-list tickets are $15 and cash-only.

Please note, registration does not guarantee an assigned purchase time or availability, and the inventory is limited. For more information, please e-mail festivaltickets@sundance.org. You may call the Customer Service Hotline beginning in mid-September, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Great Ways to Enjoy the Festival With No Tickets

The Sundance Channel will bring this year's festival right into your livingroom.

What looks like fun to me is the opportunity to soak up all the culture and atmosphere of the festival by volunteering. The Sundance Festival site is the place to download a volunteer application so you can join over 1000 other volunteers who will help us with everything from ticketing to transportation at the Sundance Film Festival. Want to get paid? They even list seasonal festival jobs.

What's Playing?

The best place for the current Sundance Film Festival schedule of films is right on the festival website.

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