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Southwest US Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Are the Sedona, Arizona Energy Vortexes?
In Sedona vortexes are created, not by wind or water, but from spiraling spiritual energy. The vortexes of Sedona are named because they are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, mediation and healing.
Top 12 Things to Do and See in Santa Fe
Santa Fe is one of the top destinations in the Southwest. These are the top 12 things to do and see in Santa Fe.
New Cardinals Stadium - Location of Super Bowl...
The new Cardinals Stadium is located in Glendale, about 20 miles west of Downtown Phoenix. The stadium is the first and only stadium in North America that is capable of completely removing the grass playing field from the stadium. Cardinals Stadium will be the location of Super Bowl XLII in 2008. Page 3.
A Visitor's Guide to Grand Canyon West and the...
This guide provides Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk price information, how to get there and what to expect during your visit to the Hualapai Indian lands attraction.
Going Nude in Texas - Naturist Clubs, Resorts...
Going Nude in Texas - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
What is a Javelina?
The javelina is a dark grey peccary (not a pig) with a subtle white collar. Javelina live in semi desert areas of Mexico and Southwestern United States
Naturist Clubs, Resorts, and More: Go Nude in...
Going Nude in Colorado - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Border Medical Land Guide: Border Town of Los...
Algodones or Los Algodones, Mexico is an unusual little border town. What’s so unusual about Algodones? We heard that within a four block radius there are more pharmacies, doctors, dentists and opticians than a similar four block area anywhere else in the world!
How to Cross the Border to Nogales, Mexico to...
Should you or shouldn't you cross the border into Nogales, Mexico? We were surprised by the ease of crossing the border and what was to be found on the other side. We provide you with what you need to know about Nogales, Mexico from the perspective of a visitor.
The Best Annual Events and Festivals in the...
The Southwest United States' Best Annual Events and Festivals.
Going Nude in New Mexico - Naturist Clubs,...
Going Nude in New Mexico - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Is This a Photograph of a Sedona Vortex? Vortex...
This strong showing of light in the photo suggests the strength of the vortex at Enchantment Resort. Page 3.
Tips and Hints for Low-cost and Efficient...
Those who live in the Southwest or travel to the Southwest, often consider travel on Southwest Airlines. Here are some insider tips on how to save money and ease your travel on Southwest Airlines.
What Really Happens in Area 51?
Should you visit Area 51? Area 51 in Nevada is a world-wide destination for UFO enthusiasts. What what will you actually see the desert and small towns around Area 51? Is it worth visiting?
A Complete Traveler's Guide to Quartzsite,...
Quartzsite AZ is a special place that has been a rock-hound's paradise since the 1960s. More than a million people visit the area each winter, many of them in RVs, especially during January and February.
Going Nude in Nevada - Naturist Clubs, Resorts...
Going Nude in Nevada - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Free and Low Cost Things to Do in Tucson, Arizona
Enjoy budget and free activities in Tucson, Arizona. A little money goes a long way toward having fun in Tucson – from art and history, to science and outdoor adventure. Frugal visitors can enjoy a host of fun and educational activities in the Old Pueblo for $10 per person or less.
Baby Loves Disco - Family Togetherness in...
Baby Loves Disco is a fun place to enjoy music with your baby or toddler. Really!
Going Nude in Utah - Naturist Clubs, Resorts...
Going Nude in Utah - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Polygamy in the American Southwest - Child...
Traveling through Utah and Northern Arizona? You may encounter the communities of Colorado City, Arizona or Hildale, Utah. Polygamous sects have founded isolated communities in the Southwest, and have developed a society that defies the laws of both Arizona and Utah. The sects supports polygamous marriage including the marriage of under-age girls and older men.
Monument Valley - What You Need to Know About...
Monument Valley, one of the most spectacular sights in the southwestern United States, is located in northeast Arizona although the entrance is actually in Utah.
Hoover Dam - Tours, Visitors Center, Driving...
Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel. You can visit this beautiful dam and see the sparkling blue waters of Lake Mead, walk across the dam, and if you have the right vehicle, drive across Hoover Dam.
Santa Fe's Historic Plaza - The Center of...
Santa Fe's historic Plaza is the center of activity for visitors and locals alike. Whether you are attending an annual festival or going shopping, the Plaza is where you will want to be.
Southwest Vacation Ideas for Your Trip in the...
If you are planning for a vacation in America's southwest, you will want to include our top vacation destinations. We have all you need to know to plan your southwest vacation.
Visiting Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National...
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is an amazing place to visit and to hike. Located just 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe and 55 miles northeast of Albuquerque, Tent Rocks is easily accessible from I-25, with plenty of signs to guide you along your way.
Fall Chile Roasts and Festivals in New Mexico
New Mexico's Hatch Chile Festival and Santa Fe Wine and Chile Festival are two fall roasts or celebrations dedicated to the harvest of the chile peppers.
Going Nude in Arizona - Naturist Clubs, Resorts...
Going Nude in Arizona - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Santa Fe Indian Market - What You Need to Know...
Each year the Santa Fe Indian Market includes 1,200 artists from about 100 tribes who show their work in over 600 booths. The event attracts an estimated 100,000 visitors to Santa Fe from all over the world. Buyers, collectors and gallery owners come to Indian Market to take advantage of the opportunity to buy directly from the artists. Quality is the hallmark of the Santa Fe Indian Market.
Best Places to Go Nude in the Southwest
Going Nude in the Southwest - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information
Southwest Clothing Optional and Nude Safety Zones
You may not be a naturist but sometimes you just want to go somewhere where you can be nude for awhile. It's hot in the Southwest and there are places where you can be topless by the pool or nude in the resort's hot tub. This isn't a list for naturists, but it's a good start for someone who's clothing is getting the best of them.
Tix 4 Tonight Box Offices in Las Vegas - Half...
Save on Las Vegas Show tickets with Tix 4 Tonight. Just like in New York, where you can buy Broadway tickets the afternoon of the show, Las Vegas has a place where folks who don't plan ahead and who want to save some bucks for the slot machines, can line up and save.
Visiting the Ancient Acoma Pueblo - Sky City...
Visiting the ancient Sky City of Acoma Pueblo high on the top of a mesa 370 feet above the desert floor. New museum and cultural center is not to be missed as you tour New Mexico. Acoma's history dates back as early as 1100 A.D.
Holiday Time in Santa Fe, New Mexico
I just found out about the joys of the holidays in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sometimes the best ideas come from enthusiastic friends who have explored their “secret holiday place” for several years and cannot contain their excitement.
Trading Posts of the Southwest - Gallup, New...
Trading posts of the southwest. History, culture, understanding the pawn system and how to shop at local trading posts. Features list of Gallup trading posts.
Under \$10 Activities in Tucson, Arizona
Enjoy budget and free activities in Tucson, Arizona. A little money goes a long way toward having fun in Tucson – from art and history, to science and outdoor adventure. Frugal visitors can enjoy a host of fun and educational activities in the Old Pueblo for $10 per person or less. Page 2.
Visiting Georgia O'Keeffe's Home and Studio in...
The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum maintains the Georgia O'Keeffe home in Abiquiu which she purchased in 1945. You can tour the home by reservation. Find out more about touring the Georgia O'Keeffe home in Abiquiu
Visiting Taos Pueblo in New Mexico - What...
Taos Pueblo, located just outside the historic area of Taos, New Mexico is the largest surviving multi-storied Pueblo structure in the United States. Taos Pueblo has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Pueblo is on the United Nations World Heritage List.
Travel to Mexican Border Towns from the...
When you are in the Southwest, it is very tempting to cross the border for a little shopping and Mexican culture. Tips, rules and information for a safe visit to Mexico.
Santa Fe's Railyard - A Destination for the...
Santa Fe’s Railyard is now home to more than trains. It is fast becoming a vibrant eclectic area filled with art, dining, entertainment and recreation. The Railyard is another central Santa Fe destination.
Unforgettable Colorado River Float Trip from...
A leisurely Colorado River raft trip an be a highlight of your visit to northern Arizona. Colorado River Discovery provides raft trips from the base of Glen Canyon Dam to Lee's Ferry.
Antelope Slot Canyon - Mystery, Light and...
Antelope Slot Canyon in northern Arizona is a mystically beautiful place. Light plays off the red sandstone walls, tour guides may play Indian flute for you and you will marvel at how the water gets from one end of the canyon to the next.
A Dozen Free Things to Do and See in Santa Fe,...
Santa Fe, the City Different, is a wonderful place to explore. Many Santa Fe New Mexico places are free to visitors.[
Santa Fe, New Mexico - Great Things to do...
Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to beautiful shops, galleries and restaurants, but there are great outdoor things to do as well. We have chosen some great places to walk and hike during your Santa Fe vacation.
A World Class Chocolate Fountain at the...
You never know what you will see when you follow a Las Vegas local down a back corridor at the Bellagio Hotel. We came upon a marvelous, scrumptious contraption at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie. What we saw was amazing… a glass-encased 27 foot high chocolate fountain with 2,100 pounds of melted flowing chocolate to tempt us.
Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show and Auction -...
Barrett-Jackson Auction Company holds the world-famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event in Scottsdale, Arizona annually in January. Whether you are in the market for a world-class classic car or just enjoy looking at them the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction is not to be missed.
Lake Pleasant Regional Park - Phoenix, Arizona
Located north of Phoenix, Arizona, this park allows for activities such as boating, camping and hiking. Learn more here, including about fees and hours.
Gallup New Mexico Inter-Tribal Indian...
Every August Gallup plays host to Native Americans from across the United States in a massive Inter-tribal ceremonial. The Indoor and Outdoor Marketplace and the Ceremonial Showroom present the country's most complete and varied displays of genuine Indian fine arts, including Navajo rugs, kachinas, jewelry, pottery and basketry. There are socials, rodeos and parades.
Keeping Cool in Phoenix, Arizona - Things to do...
Although the summer brings warm temperatures in Greater Phoenix, visitors can take advantage of a wide variety of “cool” entertainment options, including water parks, indoor shopping malls, theaters, art galleries, restaurants and museums. It’s easy to stay cool, have fun and relax this summer in Greater Phoenix - all at an affordable price.
Santa Fe Shopping - Where to Shop for the Best...
Santa Fe is a mecca for shoppers. Whether you are decorating your home in Southwest decor or are looking for that special piece of Indian jewelry, Santa Fe will have what you are looking for. We provide you with suggestions for a great Santa Fe shopping experience.
Even More Under \$10 Activities in Tucson,...
Enjoy budget and free activities in Tucson, Arizona. A little money goes a long way toward having fun in Tucson – from art and history, to science and outdoor adventure. Frugal visitors can enjoy a host of fun and educational activities in the Old Pueblo for $10 per person or less. Page 4.
Visiting Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
Visiting Zuni Pueblo - What You Need to Know. The best part of visiting Zuni was that it was seemingly untouched by time. Important religious ceremonies go on from year to year, and families pass down language and tradition.
Grand Canyon Mule Trips
What you need to know about Grand Canyon Mule Trips. While most visitors gather to gawk at the canyon from the rim look-outs and head for the gift shops, the more adventurous may find that a mule trip into the canyon will make their visit to the Grand Canyon truly memorable.
Day Hiking in the Superstition Mountains...
Hieroglyphic Canyon Trail - One crisp winter day we headed east from Phoenix to the beautiful Superstition Mountains. Our destination was a short but scenic hike.
Places to Ski Near Denver, Colorado
There are many places to ski within a short drive from Denver, Colorado.
What You Need to Know About Native American...
Native American Heishi Jewelry, most often from Kewa Pueblo (formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo), is an ancient art form now prized by collectors. Find out how heishi beads are made and why buying from the artisan is important.
Southwest Airlines Jokes
Southwest Airlines jokes and corporate humor. Whether it's the flight crew making the jokes or an outsider having fun at the expense of this successful airline, frequent fliers and those considering flying Southwest will have a chuckle.
Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Children in Arizona
From a mule trip into the Grand Canyon, to a wild west show in Tombstone, the "town too tough to die,"
Santa Fe's ARTFeast
Enjoy Santa Fe's ARTFeast. Each February, the arts and culinary venues collide for a marvelous combination named ARTFeast. Participants can enjoy a delicious tasting tour of Santa Fe's galleries.
More Under \$10 Activities in Tucson, Arizona
Enjoy budget and free activities in Tucson, Arizona. A little money goes a long way toward having fun in Tucson – from art and history, to science and outdoor adventure. Frugal visitors can enjoy a host of fun and educational activities in the Old Pueblo for $10 per person or less. Page 3.
The Canyons of Arizona - Hidden and Secret...
When we think of traveling Arizona, the magesty of the Grand Canyon comes to mind, but Arizona has some other great canyons you can visit and some are hidden finds. Have a Look at Arizona’s Other Spectacular Canyons.
Laughlin, Nevada - What You Need to Know About...
Laughlin, Nevada is a gambler's paradise right on the Colorado River. With great water sports, low cost rooms and lots of gambling, Laughlin is a destination for the savvy gambler and vacationer.
Bisbee Arizona - Visitors Guide - What to Do in...
Bisbee AZ, once a thriving copper mining town, is unique because of the way it has evolved over the years. Now home to retirees and artists, Bisbee features historic buildings, homes and streets.
The Bronze Bells of Cosanti
The Cosanti bell foundry in Paradise Valley, Arizona is the residence and sculpture studio of Paolo Soleri and his staff. The foundry creates beautiful bells which can be purchased on site.
La Posada Hotel National Historic Landmark -...
The La Posada Hotel, Winslow, Arizona is a gem of history that has continually changed and evolved from gracious hacienda to the Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter inspired beautiful hotel of today.
Travel Clubs, Nude Resorts and Information on...
Going Nude in New Mexico - Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information. Page 2.
Best Restaurants for Green Chile Dishes in...
The Top Restaurants for Green Chile Dishes in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Rock Springs Cafe, Rock Springs Arizona - The...
Everyone raves about the pies at the Rock Springs Cafe. So I headed down I-17 and took the exit leading me to the Cafe. What I found was much more than pie.
Travel with Dogs - Dog-Friendly Hotels, Pet...
Travel with dogs can be easy if you know where your canine companion is welcome. Find out where you can stay with your dog, exercise your dog and care for your dog while on vacation.
Altitude Sickness - When Your Body Rebels at...
Altitude Sickness affects almost one out of three people who travel to high altitude destinations. What’s high altitude? Well for some, it might be 5,000 feet while for others it might not be an issue until they hit 10,000 feet. Altitude sickness is unpredictable. It can affect the young fit hiker as well as the elderly traveler. It can affect you one one trip but not the next.
Trading Posts of the Southwest - Buying at...
Trading posts of the southwest. History, culture, understanding the pawn system and how to shop at local trading posts. Features list of Gallup trading posts. Page 2.
What to See in Winslow, Arizona
Winslow AZ is known for a lot more than being featured in an Eagles song. Visitors can see the historic Route 66 and La Posada Hotel, among many other attractions.
Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli)
The plant, pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli), is both a popular Southwest U.S. landscaping plant as well as a threat to some people.
Train Trips in the Southwestern United States -...
Love trains? All aboard! Enjoy scenic and historic train rides in the Southwest. We have selected some great excursions for train buffs and sightseers alike.
Places to Find Fall Color in the Southwestern...
Looking for Fall color? From the Aspens of Colorado to the riot of color in Arizona's high country, the Southwestern United States offers a leaf-peeper's paradise. We have chosen sites that take you to where the colors are.
Fantastic Fresh Southwest Salsa Recipe
Anne-Marie makes a mean salsa. It is intimidating to read the ingredients. But if you follow her lead, you may end up with an award-winning salsa!
Arizona's Grand Canyon in Winter
Holiday time at the Grand Canyon is magical. The crowds are gone, the hotels decorated, and special festivities are scheduled. We help you plan for your Grand Canyon winter holiday visit.
Saguaro Lake Recreation Near Phoenix, Arizona
Information on boating, fishing, picnicking and hiking for Saguaro Lake, a very scenic recreation area only 41 miles from Phoenix, Arizona.
Lake Mary Flagstaff Arizona - Boating, Picnics...
Lake Mary, in the Coconino National Forest, is only 12 miles SE of Flagstaff. Flagstaff's Lake Mary is popular with power boaters and water skiers because there is no motor size limit on it. It is also well-known for fishing.
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Nevada
Want to find dark sky sites in the Nevada? Nevada is known best for its bright lights and gambling but it does offer some destinations with night skies that attract stargazers and amateur astronomers.
Bandelier National Monument - Hike and Visit...
Bandelier National Monument is north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Enjoy 70 miles of trails and visit important archaeological sites. Ancestral Pueblo cliff homes are still present and visitors can actually climb via ladder into some of the rooms.
Riding the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is a vintage steam locomotive driven excursion train leaving either from Antonito, Colorado or Chama, New Mexico. You will journey throught spectacular mountains, canyons and valleys.
San Antonio's River Walk
San Antonio's River Walk is a tourist's paradise. You will find shops, restaurants, and hotels lining the San Antonio River. With sidewalks, stairs to the street level, historic sites to tour, and boats floating lazily down the canals, you will find plenty to enjoy in this area of San Antonio. In late November, the River Walk takes on a holiday glow. The colorful lights along the river will put you in the holiday mood.
Advice from the Back of the Plane - Making...
Tips for easing travel on Southwest Airlines. Page 2.
Fiesta Week in San Antonio Texas
Fiesta San Antonio takes place each April to honor those who fought at the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto and to celebrate the city's rich and diverse cultures.
Hassayampa River Preserve - Wickenburg, Arizona
Hassayampa River Preserve. Just northwest of Phoenix, Arizona is a desert oasis complete with palm trees, a pond that is home to frogs and water fowl, and a mysterious river that rises from the depths of the desert sand.
Profile: Red Rocks Ampitheater - Denver, Colorado
The Red Rocks Amphitheater, located 15 miles west of Denver, is a an open-air venue for concerts with spectacular views of the city and natural surroundings
Top Things to Do at the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the major attractions of the Southwest. It is one of those places you must
Traveling Route 66 Through the Southwestern...
A Route 66 town by town guide to the Southwestern United States. Page 3.
Monument Valley Tribal Park - What You Need to...
Monument Valley, one of the most spectacular sights in the southwestern United States, is located in northeast Arizona although the entrance is actually in Utah. Page 2.
What Are Dream Catchers? Are They Really Native...
What are Dream Catchers? Throughout the Southwest you will see a round hoop with what appears to be a woven web. They are called Dream Catchers. But are they actually Native American? We provide you with the history and lore of the Dream Catcher and provide resources for making and purchasing Dream Catchers.
The South Congress Avenue District
In recent years, the South Congress Avenue District – aka SoCo -- has become more than just a small strip of road south of Downtown. To the contrary, it’s become a destination of its own, featuring funky boutiques, diverse restaurants, up-tempo bars, down-to-earth honky tonks and everything in between. If you’re heading to South Congress, here are some things you need to know.
Dark Sky Astronomy Sites for Visitors to New...
Want to find dark sky sites in New Mexico? New Mexico offers many dark-sky destinations and events. The possibilities afforded by its clear night skies draw dark-sky tourists from around the world. Page 2.
Glendale, Arizona - What You Need to Know About...
Glendale, Arizona is in the West Valley area of Phoenix. Glendale is spread out with several centers including the historic district and the new Westgate City Center and Stadium Complex.
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Utah
Want to find dark sky sites in Utah? Utah offers three national protected places for the dark sky seekers. The astronomy programs at Bryce Canyon National Park are among the oldest and most extensive in our national park system. They have become “must attend” events for stargazers.
Great Ideas for Your Sedona, Arizona Vacation
Sedona, Arizona is a magical place. There is so much to see and do in Sedona. Some come to experience the spiritual side of Sedona and visit the Vortex sites. And others come to relax at a resort and shop at the galleries and boutiques. Or maybe finding some great hiking sites is what you want to do. No matter what, you will not be disappointed by Sedona.
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Texas
Want to find dark sky sites in Texas? West Texas offers dark-sky views to travelers even as they drive across its wide open spaces on the way to a favorite destination.
Buying Authentic Hand Made Native American Art...
This is an article for Native American art collectors and first time buyers alike. With the ability of people from other countries like the Philippines and China to copy our American Indian designs using cheap materials and selling them at low prices, it is even more important that we become educated in the beauty and value of real Native American art.
Why Sweetwater, TX Is the Place to See a...
Since 1958, the World's Largest Rattlesnake Round-Up has been held in Sweetwater, Texas and sponsored by the Sweetwater Jaycees. The Round-Up is held annually on the 2nd weekend in March at the Nolan County Coliseum.
Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest: What You Need...
Pueblo Indian Pottery is highly collectible. The Pueblo Indians have been making pottery for about 2000 years. While early pottery was made primarily for their own use, contemporary Indian pottery is mostly decorative.
Understanding the Sedona Vortexes
How to classify Sedona Vortexes and use them for spritual exploration. It’s not easy to figure out what the Sedona Vortexes are all about. Some say the vortex is a result of intersecting Ley Lines, some say vortexes are formed by magnetic energy and yet others point out that the energy flow of vortexes exists on a dimension deeper than electricity or magnetism
Visiting the Deserts of the American Southwest
A visit to the American Southwest is not complete without a trip into one of the beautiful deserts, such as the Mojave or the Sonoran.
Forced to Relax -- Sunrise Springs Resort Spa,...
Sunrise Springs Resort and Spa, just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico is situated on a spring-fed 70 acres. Ponds abound with water lilies, frogs, dragon flies and beautiful koi. The area is green with grasses, cottonwood trees and organic gardens.
Bisbee Arizona - Hotel Guide - Where to Stay in...
Bisbee Arizona is worth a stop. Stay in a historic hotel or modern motel. Page 2.
Top Attractions in Gallup New Mexico
Gallup has a wonderful mix of Western cultures. Gallup remains true to the culture and tradition of the West. Visit an Indian Reservation or shop in an authentic trading post. Gallup has the culture and the scenery of the real West.
Westgate City Center - Glendale (Near Phoenix)...
Along with Jobing.com Arena and University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinals) Glendale's new Westgate City Center Village offers a sports, retail and entertainment village.
Southern Arizona Wine Country - Touring and...
Wine tasting is at it's best in Southern Arizona Wine Country. The Wine Country is about 55 miles from Tucson, Arizona. The areas you will want to visit are Sonoita and Elgin and the beautiful rolling countryside in between.
Summer and Fall Events in Austin
The best summer and fall events in Austin, Texas.
Marfa, Texas -- Mysterious Lights, Cowboys, Art...
Marfa, Texas guide to the mystery lights, accommodations, restaurants, activities and events.
JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort Hotel -...
JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Revive Spa, Phoenix Arizona. Six outdoor dining options, four pools and full service spa await you during your stay at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort.
Best Denver Attractions
The Coolest Things to See and Do in the Mile High City
Top 9 Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon West...
Traveling to the Grand Canyon can be confusing. Do you want to take a mule trip? See the new Skywalk? We lead you to the best Grand Canyon information sources.
All About Navajo Weaving: Why Navajo Rugs are...
Navajo weaving is a true American folk art, born on the looms of the Pueblo Indians before the Spanish arrived. What you need to know to buy. Page 1 of 2.
Rock Art Ranch Near Winslow Arizona - What You...
Rock Art Ranch is a private ranch where the buffalo roam and some of the most fascinating Anasazi petroglyphs can be seen. Conact the owner and he will show you where to climb down into a beautiful canyon with etched walls that will keep you guessing as to their meaning.
Westgate City Center Restaurants
What to know about restaurants in Westgate City Center? Westgate City Center in Glendale, Arizona is forever opening new dining and shopping venues. To make it easy for you to find a fun place to eat at Westgate, we're providing an up to date list.
Zion National Park, Utah - What You Need to...
Zion National Park, close to St. George, Utah, is just an hour and a half drive from the International airport in Las Vegas. It is open all year round. Zion is one of the top attractions of the southwest.
Top Places in the Southwest for a Real Wild...
The Southwest is the place to go for a real Wild West experience. Whether you want to ride like a cowboy or stay where the Western stars of yesteryear stayed, we have the place for your Wild West vacation.
Native American Art Festivals - Finding the...
It's important to buy authentic Native American art. Here's a list of places you can go to see fantastic art and to purchase a piece that is authentic.
Top Reasons to Choose Arizona's Grand Canyon...
If you have ever waited in line to enter the Grand Canyon National Park or have squeezed past hoards of tourists trying to get a glimpse of the Canyon’s beauty, you deserve to treat yourself to at least one off-season visit. The top reasons we recommend holiday time at the Canyon may entice you to pack up the family and head out on Christmas Eve rather than settling in by the fireplace at home.
Santa Fe's St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral
Santa Fe's St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Arizona
Want to find dark sky sites in the Arizona? Arizona is an astronomer’s dream. Observatories have been built the mountains across the state. Many of these have extensive public outreach programs and offer tours and viewing opportunities year-round. In addition, dark rangers present “tours of the universe” at some of the best dark-skies sites in the country and bed and breakfast inns offer in-room telescopes, viewing decks and private observatories for stargazers.
What to Do and See in Colorado in August
August is an ideal time to travel to Colorado. The Convention and Visitor's bureau has compiled an enticing list of things to do.
A Dozen Free Things to Do in Northern Arizona
Arizona touring for free. You'll find some great ideas for touring in northern Arizona that will cost you absolutely nothing.
Winslow's Hubbell Trading Post
Winslow, Arizona, right on old Route 66, is a gem waiting to be discovered. With a growing historical downtown, the famous Standin' on a Corner Park and the beautiful La Posada Historic Hotel, Winslow is certainly worth a stop. Enjoy our photos of Winslow and follow in our footsteps. Page 14.
Top Attractions in Boulder, Colorado
Enjoy Boulder, Colorado. At 5,430 feet above sea level, acres of vast open space roll into Boulder’s quaint cityscape tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
Page, Arizona for Visitors - Lake Powell, Slot...
Page, Arizona didn't exist until the 1950's and the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. Now Page is a destination for Lake Powell water sports, float trips down the Colorado River, hiking the slot canyons and much more.
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Arizona -...
Want to find dark sky sites in the Arizona? Arizona is an astronomer’s dream. Part III of our Dark Sky Arizona Article. Page 3.
Visiting the Hopi Mesas of Arizona - First Mesa
A visit to the Hopi Mesas, located in northern Arizona, is a trip back in time. The Hopi people came to the Mesas in ancient times. Hopi is the oldest continually practiced culture in the United States. According to Hopi guides, Hopi religion and culture have been practiced for over 3,000 years. We provide you with information on touring the Hopi mesas and how to choose a guide.
Wildflower Hunting in the American Southwest -...
Southwest Wildflower information and photographs from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Nevada. Page 2.
December Fun in Colorado
Colorado events, holiday fun and things to do in December.
Red Rock Balloon Rally - Gallup, New Mexico...
The Red Rock Balloon Rally is held annually the first weekend of December in Gallup, New Mexico.
About Grand Canyon Mule Trips
Find out what to expect on a Grand Canyon Mule Trip. Page 2.
Traveling O'Keeffe Country - The Art, the Woman...
The artist, Georgia O'Keeffe is known for her paintings of the New Mexico landscape as well as her floral pieces. To tour O'Keeffe country is to see New Mexico through the eyes of the artist. We start our tour at the O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe and travel to the countryside to see her home in Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch.
The Grand Canyon's El Tovar Hotel
The El Tovar Hotel in Grand Canyon National Park is just 100 yards from the South Rim. It has suites, deluxe and standard rooms and full amenities, including fine dining.
High Tea at Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend high tea at Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel. This daily affair (offered from noon to 4 p.m.) is steeped in tradition (excuse the pun) and a wonderful way to spend a nice afternoon.
Planning Maps of the Southwestern United States
Planning and orientation maps of the Southwestern United States.
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in New Mexico
Want to find dark sky sites in New Mexico? New Mexico offers many dark-sky destinations and events. The possibilities afforded by its clear night skies draw dark-sky tourists from around the world.
4th of July in the Great American Southwest
4th of July in the Southwest.No matter where you are in the Southwest, you are sure to find a memorable 4th of July Celebrations. Whether it's a small town 4th or a stay at a luxurious resort, we have some suggestions for a sizzling 4th of July in the Southwest
Crossing the Border into Mexico from the...
When you are in the Southwest, it is very tempting to cross the border for a little shopping and Mexican culture. Tips, rules and information for a safe visit to Mexico. Page 2.
Finding Fall Color in Arizona
Arizona's high country and botanical gardens are a fantastic place to find fall foliage and color. We guide you to fall foliage sites in Arizona. Be sure and bring your camera!
Bronze Indian Woman Statue - Santa Fe's St....
Bronze Indian Woman Statue - Santa Fe's St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral. Page 2.
Guide to Driving the Turquoise Trail
The Turquoise Trail is a scenic highway linking Albuquerque and Santa Fe through rolling hills with mountain views and quaint historic mining towns. The Trail begins to the South in Tijeras and the Cibola National Forest, then heads north through Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, Edgewood, Golden, Madrid, and Cerrillos, before ending in the San Marcos/Lone Butte Area.
Santa Fe's Bronze Statue of a Saintly Indian...
Who is the Indian woman depicted in a beautiful bronze in front of Santa Fe’s St. Francis of Assissi Cathedral? I was drawn to this statue of a magical and beautiful woman, adorned with turquoise jewelry, holding eagle feathers. She is named Kateri Tekakwitha. She is also known as Lily of the Mohawks
Fall in Santa Fe - Aspens, Roasting Chilis, and...
Fall brings color, smells and special tastes to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Enjoy the Wine and Chili Fiesta, take a scenic drive to see the Fall colors or smell the roasting chilis on the corners throughout Santa Fe.
Shopping in Wild West Wickenburg, Arizona
Double D Western World in Wickenburg is a great place to shop for trendy western wear, boots and home decor. Page 3.
Utah for Gay and LesbianTravelers
Utah is not up on the top of my list as a gay travel destination but there are some great events and outdoor recreation opportunities in Utah.
The Verde Canyon Railroad Train Trip
Take a train trip through a beautiful canyon in central Arizona. The Verde Canyon Railroad (formerly the Verde Valley Railroad) of Arizona was originally built to support Arizona's richest copper mine, located in Jerome. Now visitors enjoy the Verde Canyon Railway excursions to enjoy a leisurely trip, view the natural surroundings and participate in special events.
Colorado Events and Things to Do for October
Colorado Events and Things to Do for October - Festivals, Parades and Children's Activities for Halloween.
Christmas in Santa Fe, New Mexico - Making...
Like so many things in Santa Fe, Christmas is celebrated just a little differently. The combination of Western, Hispanic and Native American traditions blend into a holiday celebration not duplicated anywhere else. Here's information on all the Christmas delights in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Grand Canyon Railway - Enjoying a Train Ride to...
A ride on the Grand Canyon Railway is a fun and environmentally friendly way to visit the Grand Canyon – No wait at the gate, no driving and parking problems and, when you are tired after a long day, you'll ride in style, enjoy live music and savor snacks and drinks as you watch the sun slip down over the western prairie.
Sedona: Arizona's Gorgeous Red Rock Country -...
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